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Options for H.323 Videoconference Archival


A variety of commercial solutions have emerged which permit H.323 (IP-based) videoconferences to be archived. Some of these tools also permit "live" streaming delivery of H.323 content over the Internet to users with a compliant web-browser. This wiki page is my attempt to link to different products available which provide videoconference archival functionality, and some of the factors which differentiate the products.


#ProductSupports 323 endpointsRequires physical co-locationFormat(s)Entry-level Approx Cost
2Polycom RSS 2000yesnoWM, Real17K
3Tandberg Content ServeryesnoWM, QT, Real27K
4VBrick Encoder and VOD ServernoyesWM, Real, MP4?
5Codian IPVCRyesnoWM, QT, Real10K
6Sonic Foundry MediaSite LivenoyesWM20K



  1. "Supports 323 endpoints" means a H.323 compliant videoconferencing codec can dial into the device and have its videoconference digitally recorded/archived.
  2. "Requires physical co-location" means the recording device must be actually located in the same room where the videoconference is taking place / originating. (Devices which do not require co-location can be located anywhere on the LAN, WAN, or elsewhere on the Internet)
  3. Formats: WM = Windows Media, QT = QuickTime, Real = Real Player, MP4 = MPEG-4
  4. Installation and maintenance costs may not be included in approximate cost.

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