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Page history last edited by Wesley Fryer 14 years, 7 months ago

StoryChasers Brainstorm 27 August 2008 - text chat transcript


08:09 wfryer : http://www.toolfactory.com/products/index/page?page=product&id=2127

08:10 rjacklin : Could you throw up a link to flip cameras you are using?

08:12 wfryer : sure

08:12 wfryer : http://flipvideo.com/

08:12 rjacklin : yep :)

08:13 rjacklin : OOHHHH!

08:13 rjacklin : i'm a little behind on the conversation

08:13 wfryer : http://www.aiptek.com/

08:13 wfryer : Sony GC-1

08:14 rjacklin : that's pretty good

08:15 rjacklin : you need a suitcase

08:18 wfryer : Rob do you want skype in?

08:18 rjacklin : I'm doing dishes now...may be a bit noisy!

08:18 wfryer : ok np well let us know if you want to

08:27 wfryer : we need to get templates for grant applications for teachers - for local grants

08:29 wfryer : and write a project grant for a flip video trunk

08:29 wfryer : http://www.toolfactory.com/products/index/page?page=product&id=2127

08:30 johnpeters : Okay, I just muted my Skype and "unpaused" Ustream so I can see the live feed.

08:31 wfryer : http://wiki.storychasers.org

08:31 johnpeters : My wife Cindy will be joining us on My computer

08:33 wfryer : http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Guidelines

08:33 wfryer : http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Project_Entry_Points

08:34 wfryer : http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Identifying_a_Partner_Classroom

08:36 johnpeters : http://tinyurl.com/5olboy is a link to the parent permission form I used for my students this year

08:36 wfryer : K-12 IVC Listserv through SETLCILC Project Partner siteAT&T Videoconferencing listservGlobal Schoolhouse Registry

08:37 wfryer : add global education aspect to the wiki

08:39 wfryer : possibility of mentors registering on the storychasers website

08:42 johnpeters : I would love to hear ideas about rubrics to use in the classroom which state specific guidelines for students to use on their StoryChasing

08:43 rjacklin : a video conference rubric?

08:43 wfryer : with the JAZZ project skype tends to be the favorite tool

08:43 wfryer : yes Rob, good idea

08:43 wfryer : checklists

08:43 wfryer : best practices

08:44 johnpeters : @Vicki could you provide a link to the Moodle site?

08:44 rjacklin : Have another class fill out the rubric for another students work?

08:45 ustreamer-64191 : http://www.123vc.net/

08:45 ustreamer-64191 : that was from Vicki Allen

08:46 rjacklin : consider matching content standards as well as classrooms?

08:46 rjacklin : That way teachers don't have to feel like shoe-horning a great story chaser idea into their curriculum

08:47 wfryer : http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Grants_and_Funding

08:49 wfryer : http://www.digitalwish.com/

08:49 wfryer : http://www.donorschoose.org/

08:51 wfryer : assignments: http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Assignment_Ideas_and_Requests

08:55 wfryer : programs and websites to convert video formats

08:55 rjacklin : How about multiple standards...a chaser of 90 sec, the "long haul" a 20 min documentary?

08:55 wfryer : http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Interviewing_Techniques

08:58 rjacklin : how about a guide to what a local news station would want for a student story for broadcast. How cool would it be if story chasers where regularly publishing to public broadcast?

08:59 johnpeters : Hopefully StoryChasers won't be blocked

08:59 johnpeters : I have had quite a bit a luck with Teacher Tube lately

09:00 rjacklin : Gotta go...thanks for REALLY peaking my interest. This is something I will come back to. I may look into starting a chaser after school club!

09:01 rjacklin : Have a great night.

09:01 ustreamer-64191 : good idea!

09:02 johnpeters : I talked to a Technology Director from North Carolina today about using a Ning in her school district

09:03 ustreamer-64191 : Burleson ISD is using them

09:04 wfryer : add ability to embed video in the learning community

09:05 johnpeters : You had also mentioned a while ago about Drupal tutorials

09:05 wfryer : screencasts of storychaser basics

09:06 johnpeters : I would be happy to make some of those if anyone has some specific ideas for screencasts

09:07 johnpeters : Do you have the ability to block unwanted users in StoryChasers.org

09:15 johnpeters : Sheryl is too COOL!

09:17 johnpeters : have a great night

09:18 klmontgomery : bye wes & vicki

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