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Page history last edited by Wesley Fryer 14 years, 9 months ago

Storychasers Brainstorm text chat 21 August 2008


 07:54 dabigleap : heard you fine

 07:55 dabigleap : I have no mic tonight.  My kid confiscated it to make a podcast...!

 07:55 wfryer : can you hear me now?

 07:56 dabigleap : no audio now

 07:56 wfryer : k

 07:56 wfryer : hang on

 07:56 dabigleap : k

 07:56 dabigleap : you are back

 08:00 wfryer : if anyone in the chat would like to join the skype call let me know

 08:02 wfryer : want to discuss ways to integrate this into the classroom this year

 08:02 wfryer : this is the wiki page for entry points http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Project_Entry_Points

 08:03 GingerTPLC : Ok, so I'm surreptitiously coming in. I'm in another mtg, but am going to put an earbud in to listen in here too.

 08:03 wfryer : ok great!

 08:03 wfryer : let us know if anyone in the chat room wants to join our skype call, and I can dial you in

 08:03 GingerTPLC : Will likely get scolded.  :(

 08:04 CLykowski : Ginger you are a bad, bad girl and bad influence

 08:04 CLykowski : That's why I like you

 08:05 GingerTPLC : Well, they're going over the Route 21 website.

 08:05 GingerTPLC : sssshhh.

 08:05 GingerTPLC : I can't laugh!!

 08:05 CLykowski : don't even smirk Ginger

 08:06 GingerTPLC : KLFA and I have the ONLY laptop besides the presenter.

 08:06 GingerTPLC : Kansas Learning First Alliance

 08:06 JSigler : Don't laugh.  Don't laugh  :D

 08:08 GingerTPLC : audience is important

 08:09 CLykowski : yes and that is coming from someone who is not paying attention

 08:10 JSigler : Local history

 08:10 wfryer : yes, a local history theme would be great

 08:10 JSigler : Differences in ecosystems

 08:11 wfryer : this week in history

 08:11 wfryer : paradies of ripleys

 08:11 dabigleap : Sorry, I'm coming into this late.  Are we talking about video only or other tools (i.e. Slideshare) as well?

 08:11 wfryer : I'm thinking of "corners" - that is what Bob Sprankle calls them

 08:13 dabigleap : Agreed, just wondering if we should standardize.

 08:13 ustreamer-53044 : We had a great experience video-skyping with a class in Loiusiana last year sharing our experiences with earthquakes going on here and their experience with hurricanes.

 08:13 wfryer : video publishing options: http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Video_Publishing_Options

 08:13 GingerTPLC : Ok, I've gotta make this f2f a priority.  Will be back in later to watch/listen to archive.  Please assign me something easy if I can help!

 08:13 JSigler : How much of a resource hog is ustream in broadband?

 08:13 ustreamer-53044 : Its Brian Crosby ...

 08:14 CLykowski : Hey Brian

 08:14 GingerTPLC : oh wait. We're making something like NPR's "StarDate" with our Just a Space Minute, telling the story of various space topics.

 08:14 ustreamer-53044 : Hi

 08:14 GingerTPLC : all audio

 08:14 wfryer : hi brian! :-)

 08:14 ustreamer-53044 : Hi!

 08:15 JSigler : How do you change your post name?

 08:15 wfryer : so we need a frappermap or other map to locate affiliate classrooms

 08:15 wfryer : in ustream you have to login

 08:15 ustreamer-53044 : I'm not logged in so it gave me this number ... I can't stay long which is why I didn't log-in.

 08:15 JSigler : I'm logged in as Jsigler, but I still post as anon

 08:17 JSigler : The wiki would be good for that

 08:17 JSigler : yes

 08:17 wfryer : we need a wiki page for storychaser assignments

 08:19 JSigler : What is needed in terms of training

 08:19 wfryer : wiki page: interview questions for storychasers

 08:19 JSigler : interviewing, newsstory structure

 08:20 JSigler : James

 08:21 wfryer : wiki page for training?

 08:21 JSigler : education?

 08:21 wfryer : guidelines for affliates

 08:23 wfryer : is there a way storychasers can fit in as a project for existing clubs or organizations? Girl or Boy Scouts? Other after school groups?

 08:24 JSigler : Our school has a storytelling after-school club

 08:24 wfryer : alignments

 08:25 JSigler : But this is sounding more like non-fiction stories and journalism

 08:25 JSigler : How do we build contacts with local news stations?

 08:26 JSigler : local folk legends?

 08:27 ustreamer-74146 : babe

 08:28 wfryer : yes: a storychaser group on local folk legends or tall tales

 08:28 JSigler : I like the mythbusters idea

 08:28 wfryer : new group: mythbusters

 08:28 JSigler : mythbusters would be a great inquiry science group

 08:30 JSigler : The Bering Strait District has a great place-based project with local history in Alaska

 08:30 JSigler : http://www.bssd.org/

 08:30 CLykowski : that would fit in great with my Iditarod unit

 08:30 JSigler : Skype jsigler1

 08:31 wfryer : ok i will call you in

 08:31 dabigleap : (Bob Martin): What about something like US Robotics?  Student based competitions?

 08:31 ustreamer-74146 : I have been coming back and forth to the computer and now leaving...but I from the bits I heard I like the idea of having a "page" on a wiki with "assignments."  Very easy to send a group of studnets to the page and ask them if they would like to be "hired" for one of the assignments.

 08:32 wfryer : jsigler1 ?

 08:32 JSigler : yes, now have skype up

 08:32 ustreamer-74146 : And on the folktales/mythbusters  Would love a page with suggestions---bust a myth or discover the truth behind a folktale on a person/place/thing.

 08:36 wfryer : guidelines need to include permission forms

 08:38 dabigleap : where are these files going to be stored?  If it's online, what does the ULA for that web service say about who owns the content and what can they do with it?

 08:38 CLykowski : http://edublogs.tv/

 08:41 CLykowski : I still need to post the permission slip tha I used for my global project that I did last year. It emcompassed Skype, video, podcasting, wikis...

 08:43 JSigler : I could post my class publishing permission form

 08:44 CLykowski : James that would be great

 08:44 dabigleap : mitc

 08:45 wfryer : @dabigleap sure, email me the details - wesfryer@pobox.com

 08:46 nharm : Hi Wes- thanks for the invite on Twitter- love your Story Chaser idea!

 08:47 nharm : What webconferencing tool do you reccommend for students to communicate globally?

 08:48 wfryer : @nharm I have started a list of webconferencing tools on http://wiki.storychasers.org/index.php?title=Videoconferencing_Tools

 08:48 nharm : Thank you!

 08:48 wfryer : I like skype

 08:48 JSigler : SKype works ok one-to-one

 08:48 wfryer : but it is not possible to use it in all districts

 08:49 wfryer : yes, multipoint is a different story

 08:49 wfryer : skype audio can be multipoint tho

 08:49 JSigler : OOvoo would be good for more than 2 classes

 08:49 wfryer : and what we are doing now with ustream and skype can involve multiple audio participants

 08:49 wfryer : I don't know about OOvoo...

 08:49 nharm : I really like Skype too-just looking for a portal with more than three classrooms at one time- perhaps ekko.tv , palbee or ichat?

 08:50 JSigler : EdTechTalk weekly  has used that - Jeff Lebow and Co

 08:52 wfryer : have interview questions set up in advance for videoconference

 08:55 CLykowski : I used Skype for video/audio with Colombia, S. America

 08:55 CLykowski : worked very well

 08:55 nharm : Thanks for sharing the links- nharm= naomi harm- western wi tech director- great discussion tonight!

 08:55 JSigler : wow

 08:55 wfryer : @nharm thanks for joining us!

 08:55 wfryer : Everyone, if you haven't joined the storychasers community yet please do: http://storychasers.org

 08:57 nharm : Yes- a story chasers camp with teachers and student- this is a must!

 08:58 wfryer : we can create a series of screencasts for orientation

 09:00 wfryer : ideas for a storychaser digital backpack

 09:00 nharm : Digital backpack- awaesome ideas!

 09:00 nharm : How about an iPod touch?

 09:00 JSigler : iphone?

 09:00 nharm : ure iPhone- yes!

 09:00 nharm : Hi jake-

 09:02 CLykowski : Just treated myself to an iPod touch

 09:02 GingerTPLC : :-)

 09:02 ustreamer-7345 : I'm lovin' my iTouch!

 09:03 nharm : Got to go- 13 year old is waiting to go to his friends- thanks for a great night everyone!  I am also the WEMTA program chair- Wesley or anyone else interseted in coming to WI to present at WEMTA during March 22-24. 2009?  www.wematonline.org  Contact me at nharm@cesa4.k12.wi.us

 09:03 nharm : Flip cameras at Sam's are $99 right now- just purchased them for my EETT teachers

 09:03 CLykowski : nharm I may be interested will check it out

 09:03 nharm : naomi

 09:03 nharm : See ya

 09:04 GingerTPLC : Walmart does do some donations...

 09:06 GingerTPLC : (is this Brian?)

 09:06 CLykowski : http://www.donorschoose.org for Public Schools only

 09:09 wfryer : develop badges for storychaser affiliates

 09:10 GingerTPLC : that sounds great!

 09:10 ustreamer-7345 : Happy Day After your Birthday!

 09:12 CLykowski : I was even thinking of t-shirts for my kids

 09:12 CLykowski : with logo

 09:15 JSigler : great discussion!

 09:15 wfryer : thanks to everyone for your contributions!

 09:15 wfryer : i'll post links to this text chat and the recorded audio on storychasers.org and my blog

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