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Page history last edited by Wesley Fryer 13 years, 9 months ago

Our brainstorm text chat transcript for Storychasers on 6 August 2008


06:42 wfryer : ok i am here in the chat

06:42 ustreamer-11409 : Ginger, Was Charlie in Alvarado, TX?

06:43 ustreamer-11409 : Ah El Dorado, my audio was a lttle muffled

06:45 ustreamer-11409 : @Wes, great post this morning about ScreenFlow this morning I downloaded it and started to learn it.

06:45 ustreamer-11409 : Let's do a pot luck at the next Edubloggercon

06:46 ChanBliss : My school site http://tiny.pl/2lwn

06:47 wfryer : http://theworld.org/

06:49 wfryer : http://www.voki.com/

06:50 Downes : Funny - saw the live broadcast in my RSS Reader (Google Reader)

06:51 Downes : No, TV is on here (other people in the room)

06:51 ustreamer-29570 : Hi everyone dedra from oklahoma

06:51 ustreamer-29570 : YEs

06:52 GingerTPLC : Hi Dedra and Stephen!

06:52 Downes : LOL

06:52 ustreamer-29570 : Hey Ginger! Thanks for the link up via plurk

06:52 GingerTPLC : you know that's what this is about!

06:53 GingerTPLC : Why are YOU all here for the Story Chasers discussion?

06:53 wfryer : if anyone would like to be brought into the skype call, launch skype and type your skype ID into the chat

06:53 ustreamer-29570 : great, I knew wes was working on stroy chasers and thought I would hear more

06:57 GingerTPLC : To change your name in this chat from ustreamer, put in /nick

07:00 CLykowski : Hello everyone

07:01 wfryer : hi cheryl!

07:01 CLykowski : Hey Wes How are you tonight?

07:01 wfryer : i'll dial you into the skype cheryl

07:01 wfryer : good!

07:01 CLykowski : ok

07:02 GingerTPLC : www.artsnacks.org but it is a private space, so we'll ahve to approve you.

07:02 Downes : ck, lime green and blue? Ouch

07:02 ustreamer-39174 : hey cheryl!

07:02 mrsdurff-5572 : hi!

07:02 GingerTPLC : ooh no. just http://artsnacks.org

07:02 GingerTPLC : hi durff and Cheryl!

07:03 CLykowski : Hi Ginger and Durff

07:03 johnpeters : hey i finally got ito the chat window

07:03 CLykowski : @Downes yes battery-operated colors

07:03 Downes : LOL

07:03 dedra : thanks Ginger..

07:03 mrsdurff-5572 : to change your name in the chatroom type; "/nick yournamee" without the quotes

07:04 mrsdurff-5572 : usually 8 in skpe

07:04 wfryer : ok cool, thanks Lisa

07:04 mrsdurff-5572 : $5

07:05 wfryer : you accept paypal, Lisa? :-)

07:05 mrsdurff-5572 : :)

07:05 mrsdurff-5572 : i work for Starbucks

07:06 wfryer : http://www.studenttelevision.com/

07:06 mrsdurff-5572 : yes audio good

07:07 GingerTPLC : and it's more accessible to everyone, regardless of location

07:07 kcaise : that is an awesome site

07:08 GingerTPLC : kids really LOVE the local and seem to really plug into that.

07:09 CLykowski : My students presented to school brd last spring-blew them away

07:09 wfryer : some themes are very transcendent - immigration is an example

07:09 kcaise : it is more meaningful and relevant by viewing local news?

07:10 mrsdurff-5572 : my principal's daughter collaborated with a kid in bangkok and is still talking about it 3+ yrs later

07:10 mrsdurff-5572 : so the more global contacts the merrier

07:10 GingerTPLC : @durff Yes, those 1:1 connections are very powerful when they really connect

07:11 wfryer : so maybe we share segments and entire shows

07:11 ChanBliss : I'm sure a board member would love to tell their story. We have an election coming up and I bet they would love to talk.

07:11 ustreamer-32186 : @Wes, would you re-invite me to the skypechat, I had to change computers

07:11 Downes : Student Televisioon Netwoprk looks pretty cool

07:11 GingerTPLC : I think it's a good idea to balance both, especially when the life of the school is on the line (charter)

07:14 GingerTPLC : oooh! What a great idea, Chan!

07:15 GingerTPLC : getting the stories is nice, but the skills of being able to ask good questions that allow an interviewee to say what you want them to is important

07:15 mrsdurff-5572 : critical thinking on your feet

07:15 GingerTPLC : that is a skill very few people have

07:15 GingerTPLC : including me!

07:16 Downes : I generally dislike codes of ethics... you ca't condense ethical behaviour into a few simple rules

07:16 mrsdurff-5572 : including me - i just stutter

07:16 DBragg : me too - but it helps to practice

07:16 dedra : crum I got kicked off.. I back

07:17 Downes : Please do not equate the internet with guns - there is no comparison

07:17 mrsdurff-5572 : everyone has a story - sharing them is key

07:17 kcaise : both can be weapons

07:17 GingerTPLC : maybe the ritual of learning is a right of passage?

07:17 dedra : mrsdurff is so right

07:18 Downes : No - guns *are* weapons -- the internet is a communications tool

07:19 mrsdurff-5572 : ethics = show respect for everyone; do nothing you would not share with your grandmother (usually a good thermometer for kids)

07:19 ChanBliss : I like the grandmother idea

07:19 Downes : I agree that we should show people the correct way to use the tools -- but that is very different from *telling* them the correct way -- model good behaviour, don't try to prescribe it with a set of sentences

07:20 mrsdurff-5572 : worked so far

07:20 wfryer : yes, modeling is what we have a big opportunity to do here with this project idea

07:20 mrsdurff-5572 : how about both stephen?

07:20 Downes : The grabndmother rule has the same problem as the golden rule -- it doesn't on people who don't care

07:20 ustreamer-32186 : http://tinyurl.com/55ssco The code of conduct I developed for my students

07:20 mrsdurff-5572 : true

07:21 CLykowski : @Downes I try to model every tool we use and deal with issues as teachable moments

07:21 mrsdurff-5572 : so what would you suggest stephen?

07:21 Downes : mrsdurff, you'll find that if you use both, you set up contradictoons, because the code of ethics creates a black-white system of ethics when tactual practice is far more nuanced

07:21 CLykowski : just like when I start a new genre of writing-I model

07:21 Downes : As I said, model appropriate behaviour

07:22 Downes : Celebrate the things that are good

07:22 Downes : minimize the attention paid to things you don't like

07:22 Downes : (It's the old mantra - don't reward bad behaviour with attention)

07:22 mrsdurff-5572 : my paradigm is overtly Christian and I DO see it in terms of black-white

07:22 wfryer : good point: that's the "don't talk about an elephant" idea. You talk about it, people focus on it

07:22 ustreamer-23332 : skype - hshawjr

07:22 dedra : PSA's are easy ways for teachers that are a little overwhelmd to jump in.

07:23 wfryer : ok hshawjr

07:23 Downes : yes well MrsDurff you may want to think about that - not the Christian part, but the b/w part

07:24 ustreamer-23332 : thanks

07:24 DBragg : the problem with think b/w is it is a gray, gray world

07:24 GingerTPLC : I think it's important to let the kids see as many facets as possible, then talk about + - of each. I'm for letting the kids make their own decisions.

07:24 johnpeters : @WFryer along with the code of ethics I think the idea of a parent permssion form letting the students and parents know from the onset what conduct is acceptable is needed

07:24 mrsdurff-5572 : we use such at our school - it is a Christian school which admittedly may have different viewpoints

07:24 DBragg : we all need to learn to embrace the shades of gray

07:25 GingerTPLC : Hi Harold!

07:25 ustreamer-23332 : hi

07:26 ustreamer-23332 : bounced out of skype, too much feedback

07:27 GingerTPLC : sorry. This triple task is not easy to juggle at first.

07:27 CLykowski : @john I was always very upfront w/parents about projects and gave options they were very appreciative and on board w/projects

07:27 wfryer : we need parent permission form

07:27 Downes : well, consider some of the rules in Christianity... 'thou shalt not kill' for example - seems pretty b/w - but many Christians support capital punishment, ohers support war, almsot all support self-defense - 'thpu shalt not kill' more like 'thou shalt not kill without proper paperwork'... it *is* vg

07:27 ustreamer-23332 : Hi GingerTPLC havent been around for awhile

07:27 Downes : it *os* vague, and it's misleading to suggest otherwise

07:27 mrsdurff-5572 : you are correct

07:28 CLykowski : Ning is blocked by district

07:28 mrsdurff-5572 : really? why?

07:28 Downes : Something much more accurate - and probably more appropriate to the meaning of Christianity is 'respect for life' - but now this isn't something you can describe in a set of rules

07:29 mrsdurff-5572 : would that be specific enough for children?

07:29 Downes : (Can you tell, Wes, that I used to teach philosophy as well?)

07:30 mrsdurff-5572 : it shines through

07:30 Downes : Mrsduff - I think your children are learning from the very specific example of your behviour much more than the falsely specific instances of rules and edicts

07:30 GingerTPLC : I like leaving local control open, with central guidelines.

07:31 wfryer : so we could have suggested guidelines

07:31 wfryer : we want teachers, students and parents talking about ethics

07:31 mrsdurff-5572 : you are so correct - even in public school they all knew ... amazing to me

07:31 DBragg : modelling is imporatant but having a positive converstation can be important too

07:31 Downes : don't have uidelines -- point to exemplars, paradigm cases

07:32 DBragg : I like to include parents in that conversation too

07:32 Downes : You want your students to learn good jorunalism, play them old Edward R. Murrow broadcasts (in this age of CNN and Fox News, they have no live examples of ethiocal journalism)

07:32 ChanBliss : Buy\

07:32 mrsdurff-5572 : Kids haven't progressed up Kolb's levels though (it is Kolb isn't it?)

07:33 ChanBliss : bye bye, gotta go pick up my son

07:33 wfryer : yes, mentorship would be great

07:33 wfryer : bye chan!

07:33 Downes : @DBragg - yes - having a conversation is valuable - that is distinct from edicts

07:34 GingerTPLC : and maybe those of us who do that can gather ethics ideas from them to suggest to central Story Chasers

07:34 Downes : kids, even infants, mimic adult behaviour, mimic what they see in society and media

07:34 CLykowski : I have a local anchor that was a parent at our school (kids have moved onto jr high) I am in contact w/her already

07:34 omyers : I found a page with Journalism ethics Codes:http://journalism.org/resources/ethics_codes

07:34 GingerTPLC : Thanks @omyers!

07:34 Downes : have students in malaysia ask the same questions...

07:35 GingerTPLC : and if we go global! Yes @downes

07:35 GingerTPLC : French journalists NEVER ask politicians about their religious beliefs.

07:36 wfryer : so maybe we should let people register on the site as storychaser mentors?

07:36 ustreamer-23332 : gotta go - thank you for letting me listen bye

07:36 mrsdurff-5572 : that is a cultural thing to which story chasers need to be sensitive i think

07:37 Downes : @wfryer - you'd probably have to recruit them - but yes

07:37 mrsdurff-5572 : i wonder how many cultural differences there would be

07:37 wfryer : career linkages

07:38 wfryer : yes, i love that idea: tell the story about your career

07:38 mrsdurff-5572 : interviews of people in specific careers

07:38 Downes : Quite large mrsdurff - when I'm in the U.S. I really do feel like I'm in a foreign country - media in the U.S. is *very* different from Canada

07:38 mrsdurff-5572 : and germany

07:38 CLykowski : brb

07:39 GingerTPLC : inventors?

07:39 mrsdurff-5572 : interview of inventors?

07:39 fceblog : @Downes my students in Argentina wouldn't tell the difference so easily. It's all in English, therefore, similar.

07:40 wfryer : telling the story of constructive school reform

07:40 CLykowski : back

07:41 GingerTPLC : but I don't think the kids are terribly interested. It's "oh well, not a big deal."

07:41 Downes : interviewing inventors is a good idea... even interviewing gas station workers is good - document this, they'll be gone in our childrens' lifetimes

07:41 GingerTPLC : so maybe we could have someone else chase that story

07:41 GingerTPLC : LOVE that idea.

07:42 Downes : (gets back to the idea of respecting life -- respecting lives)

07:42 mrsdurff-5572 : yeah, remember the attendents in gas stations who actually filled one's gas tank, checked oil, washed window?

07:42 ustreamer-41800 : How about a NIng?

07:42 johnpeters : Ning,Wkispaces, PB Wiki?

07:43 DBragg : a wiki might be better if the access is better in schools

07:43 mrsdurff-5572 : will there be one central place?

07:43 GingerTPLC : http://storychasers.org/

07:43 dedra : thanks Ginger

07:43 mrsdurff-5572 : thanks

07:44 GingerTPLC : I gotchyer back!

07:44 CLykowski : I added the segments and storyboard my students use for their broadcast

07:44 DBragg : gotta run

07:44 GingerTPLC : bye @Dbragg!

07:45 wfryer : if anyone else would like to join our skype call, please put your skype ID into the chat or message me directly in skype at wfryer

07:45 GingerTPLC : would like to see, again, local control where we can embed and or link within the central storychasers site.

07:45 GingerTPLC : that way we can see all sorts of different methods, tools, skills and we can grow from that!

07:45 wfryer : yes, I think local control needs to be an overarching theme

07:45 johnpeters : @Cheryl could you share your storyboards with us? I have used them in that past but didn't like the format of the one I was using.

07:45 wfryer : cheryl posted her storyboards to the storychasers.org site I think

07:46 johnpeters : Thanks

07:46 mrsdurff-5572 : why not generate a list of possible activities for storychasers?

07:46 wfryer : I am going to add a wiki module to the drupal site tonight or tomorrow

07:46 wfryer : great idea lisa: yes, a list of stories to chase

07:46 GingerTPLC : Cheryl's stuff on SC site: http://storychasers.org/?q=node/28

07:46 CLykowski : Thanks Ginger ;-)

07:46 Downes : Just for the record - I am *much* smarter than a fifth grader... just had to put that in

07:47 mrsdurff-5572 : i figured that

07:47 Downes : Nothing against fifth graders... it's just, they're 12, 13...

07:47 CLykowski : @Downes LOL You can choose something from our prize box

07:47 Downes : woo hoo! I choose Gumby!

07:47 mrsdurff-5572 : :)

07:47 CLykowski : LOL We do have a gumby doll

07:47 mrsdurff-5572 : oi veh

07:47 Downes : I knew it... because, as I said, I am smarter than...

07:47 Downes : *giggle*

07:48 mrsdurff-5572 : http://edtechtalk.com/lee_baber

07:48 GingerTPLC : picking your nose?

07:49 GingerTPLC : you haven't

07:49 mguhlin : Cowlick needs to go!

07:49 CLykowski : LOL Ginger that's exactly what I was thinking

07:49 Downes : LOL, yeah, don't do that

07:49 wfryer : actionable: add a wiki

07:49 johnpeters : Setting up some digital story categories

07:49 kcaise : now miguel

07:49 mrsdurff-5572 : MIGUEL!

07:49 Downes : Actually, he needs a shave too

07:49 wfryer : actionable: stories to chase

07:49 mguhlin : Oops...I didn't mean it. No audio for me. I'm running out the door.

07:49 GingerTPLC : ideas of people resources to learn how to gather a story

07:49 CLykowski : He does have a 50'clock shadow

07:50 mguhlin : National Storychasing Day?

07:50 mguhlin : International?

07:50 mguhlin : Sorry if someone said that already

07:50 johnpeters : local history would be great, students could share sotries of the hometowns, schools,etc

07:50 GingerTPLC : Consider general ethics pieces with chasing stories

07:50 GingerTPLC : get input from ethics experts, including journalists

07:51 CLykowski : as a take-off from gas station I live close to Detroit

07:51 wfryer : actionable: allow site registration as a storychaser mentor

07:51 johnpeters : Getting the word out about Storychasers

07:52 GingerTPLC : we haven't talked about the actual moving kids to stories other than virtually

07:52 wfryer : actionable: we need a banner for storychasers

07:52 mrsdurff-5572 : Mentors list - one to one classrooms?

07:52 fceblog : What kind of voice would the storychaser have? A reporter? A witness? Sharing their experiences? Just wondering.

07:52 GingerTPLC : @fceblog yes? all of the above? depending on the story and purpose

07:53 mrsdurff-5572 : so that is really two things

07:53 CLykowski : Ginger I agree it will depend on the story being chased different stories have different pov

07:53 fceblog : Claudia Ceraso

07:53 mrsdurff-5572 : that's claudia

07:53 GingerTPLC : hi Claudia!

07:54 GingerTPLC : I like having various viewpoints on maybe the same story

07:54 Downes : I have to run... thanks Wes, interesting experiment, which worked quite well... good discussion, too

07:54 Downes : Bye

07:54 GingerTPLC : Bye Stephen!

07:54 wfryer : thanks for joining Stephen!

07:54 johnpeters : I love the idea of the student doing the reporting, it engages them and is authentic

07:54 fceblog : First thing that comes to my mind is that students would copy the model from reporters they know in their own countries. Culturaly loaded role.

07:54 mrsdurff-5572 : gtg get ready...see you all at http://edtechtalk.com/live i hope

07:55 wfryer : actionable: share permission forms

07:55 GingerTPLC : @fceblog and that's not bad. They learn by role models. But then it's the teacher/facilitators role to expand their ideas and peramerters

07:55 CLykowski : do you want me to add my permission form from last yr for tech projects?

07:55 kcaise : release forms for people interviewed, filmed, etc?

07:55 GingerTPLC : Yes Cheryl!

07:55 kcaise : yes

07:56 CLykowski : mine was based on doing my thesis so had college requirement lingo but good

07:56 wfryer : optimal ambiguity

07:57 CLykowski : 4000 gigs? woo

07:57 GingerTPLC : equipment possibilities? I want my kids to have broadband cards for sharing info on the go.

07:57 johnpeters : Make and embedable StoryChasers baner to use, just waanted to put it into the notes for reference

07:58 CLykowski : schooltube?

07:58 mguhlin : edublogs.tv is better!

07:58 mguhlin : just needs rss feed

07:58 wfryer : actionable: options for posting

07:58 GingerTPLC : family duties call here to. I need to go home! ;-)

07:58 kcaise : duty calls wes

07:58 dougsymington : actionable: bedtime story

07:59 CLykowski : I'm tired from sniffing paint fumes

07:59 CLykowski : I'm ready for bedtime story

07:59 ustreamer-41800 : thank you so much

07:59 GingerTPLC : Thank you all!

07:59 dedra : Thanks all This was a good discussion

07:59 fceblog : Learning a lot from hearing your thoughts. Thank you for this.

07:59 wfryer : thanks for joining us dedra!

08:00 GingerTPLC : Love my Plurk buddies!

08:00 dougsymington : yes, thanks for sharing process--great learning opp for all

08:00 wfryer : actionable: everyone please join the storychasers.org learning community, and post a blog entry about your thinking about the project at this point!

08:00 ustreamer-41800 : night

08:01 CLykowski : way cool

08:01 GingerTPLC : can't wait to keep the ball rolling!

08:01 kcaise : thanks wes and all for setting this up

08:02 CLykowski : Thanks Wes

08:02 johnpeters : Great Job, See everyone later!

08:02 dedra : good job Wes see you in Mustang soon!

08:02 dedra : Yep

08:02 dedra : bye

08:02 dougsymington : thanks all, take care

08:02 CLykowski : good nite all

08:03 fceblog : 10.00 pm here in Buenos Aires. Night all.

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