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Self-Publish A Book


A wide variety of self-publishing options are now available for motivated authors. A basic question when it comes to self-publishing is, do these services essentially represent "vanity publishers" or do they offer viable options for serious authors?


Self-Publishing Options include:

  1. Lulu
  2. Author Solutions
    1. iUniverse (relatively expensive) 
    2. Wordclay
    3. Vanity publishers
      1. Xlibris
      2. Trafford
  3. CafePress
  4. Self-Publishing Options with Amazon.com 
    1. Create Space
    2. Digital Text Platform (Kindle - pays standard 35% royalty per the terms of agreement)
    3. Booksurge
    4. Lightning Source


Traditional Publishing Options

There are lots of these, however some traditional publishers cater more to unknown authors than others.


ISBN Numbers

It can be advantageous to purchase your own ISBN number, so as an author you can change publishers if desired. Options for purchase include:


Legal Considerations and Guides


News Articles and Other Resources


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