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Safe Digital Social Networking Workshop


These are links for a day-long workshop on safe digital social networking, shared at the NCCE conference in Seattle, Washington on 26 February 2008 and the KSDE Conference in Wichita, Kansas, on 25 April 2007.

<- Return to my primary safe digital social networking curriculum page

<- Link to my Internet Safety and Social Networking for Parents curriculum


Blog response: What questions do you still need answered?



  1. ClustrMap of speedofcreativity.org
  2. Where do 6th graders go for fun online?
  3. Digital refugees and bridges
  4. Building cognitive maps for the read/write web
  5. Elevating Creation in Bloom’s Taxonomy in lesson design
  6. Connected schools, not much blended learning
  7. ECAR 2005 study shows realities for digital natives
  8. Lawrence Lessig's Read/Write Society Preso at Wizards of OS 4 in Sept 2006 - Video link - View 7:25 - 13:00
  9. Derailing Education: Taking Sidetrips for Learning by David Warlick - Video Link
  10. Teen Tests Internet's Lewd Track Record (Washington Post May 2007)
  11. A MySpace Photo Costs a Student a Teaching Certificate (April 2007)
  12. Seedlings at Bit by Bit podcasts discussing IM boundaries: Teachers and Students (Feb 2008)
  13. Understanding and respecting copyright a problem for many (Virgin Mobile case about Flickr photo used without permission)
  14. Plagiarism, WikiPedia, and encouraging students to CARE about digital ethics

Videos (please share responses)

  1. Teacher Movie (Marco Torres and Educators at Lesley University, 2001)
  2. PBS: Growing Up Online (Frontline)
  3. Social Networking in Plain English
  4. Administrator Movie (Wesley Fryer and Administrators to be at the Univ of Central Oklahoma, 2007)
  5. Cyberbullying (National Ad Council) - My YouTube Cyberbullying video playlist
  6. Introducing the Book
  7. The Machine is Us/ing Us
  8. Pay Attention: On YouTube and TeacherTube
  9. Safe Blogging Video (Jan 2007)
  10. How does wiki collaboration work? - More videos about using PBWiki are available
  11. Guerrilla Season Book Blog Project
  12. line rider Under Water Adventure

Social Networking Environments

  1. Unmoderated
    1. Facebook
    2. MySpace
  2. Game-focused
    1. Club Penguin
    2. Webkinz
  3. Moderated
    1. Think.com
    2. Moodle
    3. Imbee


  1. Tools for downloading flash-based videos


  2. Technorati
  3. Del.icio.us
  4. TeacherTube
  5. Wikis
    1. WikiPedia
    2. WikiPedia article on Virginia Tech Massacre
    3. Jimmy Wales on WikiPedia (founder of WikiPedia)
    4. PBWiki
    5. WikiSpaces for Teachers
  6. More on blended learning and read/write web uses

Voices (alphabetical by first name)

  1. Bob Sprankle - Maine, USA
  2. Cheryl Oakes - Maine, USA
  3. Clarence Fisher - Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada
  4. Darren Kuropatwa - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  5. David Warlick - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
  6. Doug Noon - Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
  7. Eric Langhorst - Liberty, Missouri, USA
  8. Ewan Mcintosh - Scotland, UK
  9. Graham Wegner - Adelaide, Australia
  10. Kim Confino - Malaysia
  11. Mark Ahlness - Seattle, Washington, USA
  12. Miguel Guhlin - San Antonio, TX, USA
  13. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach - Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
  14. Wesley Fryer - Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
  15. Will Richardson - New Jersey, USA


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