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Presentation Podcasts

The recordings below which are unedited (not published as formal podcasts on my podcast channel) are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

Presentations at TCEA Region 10/11 Conference (Plano, TX) - 28 October 2006

  1. Engaging Digital Natives with Web 2.0 Tools (51 min - 11 min, 12.2 MB) - Session outline and links
  2. Safe Digital Social Networking (53 min - 10 sec, 6.1 MB) - Session outline and notes
  3. Digital Music Creation: Engage, Inspire, Have Fun! (60 min, 13.8 MB) - Session outline and links

Presentations at ESC9 (Wichita Falls, TX) Regional Technology Conference - 16 October 2006

I shared four presentations at the ESC9 Wichita Falls - Texas Technology Conference, and let attendees know I'd be recording my sessions and sharing them later as podcasts. During the 2nd session on Internet Searches, our connection to the Internet was DOWN for about 3/4 of the presentation time, so I did a bit of song and dance to fill that time. I'll redo that session later and share it as a screencast. For now, here is the raw (unedited) audio recordings of each session.

  1. Safe Classroom Blogging to Improve Student Writing (51 min - 31 sec, 23.6 MB) - Session outline and links
  2. Effective Search Strategies (53 min - 15 sec, 24.4 MB) - Session outline and links
  3. Engaging Digital Natives with Web 2.0 Tools (51 min - 11 sec, 23.4 MB) - Session outline and links
  4. Cultivating Digital Literacy with Classroom Podcasting (55 min - 52 sec, 25.6 MB) - Session outline and links - Small correction here, I erroneously said "I taught 4th grade for 6 years." Actually, I was a teacher aide for 1 year, taught 4th grade for 2 years, and taught elementary computers/technology integration for 3 years. So I taught in K-12 schools for 6 years-- but not all of that time was spent in 4th grade.


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