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Podcasting2: Intermediate/Advanced Topics in Podcasting


Once you have created a podcast, now what? This workshop addresses issues relating to podcast hosting, bandwidth, options for creating and managing feeds, as well as copyright / intellectual property issues. Portable recorders and additional equipment for in-the-field and more sophisiticated podcasting are also addressed. This is a session for people familar with podcasts and the process of creating them, but wanting more information about sharing podcasts and managing podcasting projects at a building or district level.

I've Made An Audio-Podcast! Now What?

Pre-workshop requirements

  • Be open to new ideas about engaging students with multimedia!
  • Review or have completed an introductory podcasting workshop (similar to mine)

Your first assignment!

Please take a few minutes and answer the three questions posted to our workshop blog by leaving a comment on each post. (If you don't already have a Blogger account, you can post anonymously, but if you do please include your first name in your comment.)

The continuum of podcasting types

  1. Audio-only
  2. Enhanced (synchronized pictures)
  3. Video http://www.infinitethinkingmachine.org

Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property & Podcasting

Taking cues from the Pros

  1. Room208 - Sample: Room 208 Podcast: 05.12.06
  2. Radio Willowweb - Sample: Willowcast #14: Life in the Colonies
  3. NPR Podcasts, NPR Technology - Sample: NPR Technology 6 Dec 06
  4. Science Friday - Sample: Energy Independence from 17 Nov 06
  5. This Week in Tech - Sample: http://aolradio.podcast.aol.com/twit/TWiT0079H.mp3">Dec 4, 2006
  6. More great examples from Maria Henderson's podcasting examples page

Find Podcasts

Getting Creative with Podcasting Ideas

Hosting Options

  1. Upload the podcast to your local school server, using a mapped drive or ftp
  2. Upload podcasts to a commercial hosting service like Liberated Syndication
  3. More hosting options are compared on this PDF Handout (3 pages)

Web Feeds

What is a Web Feed?

Creating the Feed

  1. Some hosting services (like Liberated Syndication) include free options for creating your web feed / podcasting feed
  2. You can use a blogging tool like Blogger.com or a Wordpress blog to create a podcasting web feed
  3. Use the free Podchains service to create a web feed
  4. Use Del.icio.us (my del.icio.us)
  5. Use commercial software like http://www.podifier.com/ to create and upload your RSS feed.
  6. Use Blogger: Sample - Mills Murfee Podcast (Mac users: Use FireFox not Safari for WYSIWYG editing)
  7. Buy and use an Apple Podcasting Server
  8. Download, install and configure free LoudBlog server software to permit teachers to publish podcasts directly
  9. Use a free or commercial version of PodcastPeople to publish and host podcasts

Tracking Podcast Subscribers

  1. PodPress Plugin (for Wordpress)
  2. Feedburner

Quality, Bitrates, and Formats

Managing Podcasts in the Classroom

  1. Use an electronic whiteboard for whole-class podcasting
  2. Use an external microphone
  3. Find a quiet place to record
  4. Save all clips for a podcast in a single folder
  5. Make a storyboard
  6. Name and label each clip with a number and descriptive text
  7. Have students make their own digital music transitions
  8. Talk about copyright/IP/fair use and free legal music sources

Enhanced and Video Podcasts on Windows XP?

  1. Use PhotoStory!
  2. Free Windows-Media to iPod compatible video converter

Advanced Equipment Options

Permission Forms

Questions for the blog / feedback (Link to our workshop blog)

  • What is the #1 most burning question you have about podcasting today?
  • What are your two greatest fears or concerns about classroom podcasting?
  • What questions about copyright/intellectual property and podcasting do you have as a result of listening to the preso on IP/podcasting?

Workshop Discussion/Brainstrorming Results

Other Referenced Sites


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