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The Case for 1:1 Computing in Schools


Every school should be proactively moving toward a 1:1 digital future, helping teachers develop capacities for engaging students in the learning process through technology. All learners (teachers and students) in one to one computing environments are equipped with wireless computing devices, access to digital curriculum, and the capacities to safely collaborate and author multimedia content for a variety of audiences.


Session Resources and Podcast recordings:

  1. My Presentation links and image attribution links (shared via a public Google Notebook)
  2. The Case for 1:1 Computing (TCEA presentation as an ALI podcast)
  3. Ideas For Reinventing Education As School 2.0 (OTA podcast presentation)
  4. Draft presentation (enhanced and audio-only podcasts available)


This session will be shared:

  1. at the 2007 Oklahoma Technology Conference on February 6, 2006.
  2. at the 2007 Texas Computer Education Assocation's conference on February 7, 2006


Session links will be added here prior to the presentations, and a podcast recording of at least one of these sessions will be added subsequently.




  • Connected digital power
    • What do you do when you are "stuck" in your learning about something? As John says, most people (who have access to it) go to the web. Google (and the hyperlinks of the web) offer TREMENDOUS resources to learn, and we may not fully appreciate this as both individuals and educational organizations. This makes me think about 1:1 learning and the importance of putting web-connected digital tools in the hands of every learner, so he/she is empowered to move forward with the knowledge of the global community via the Internet whenever he/she is "stuck" with a learning challenge. (For more on this, see my post \"Architecting School 2.0.\"



  1. My social bookmarks on 1:1 computing
  2. Other resources relating to One to One Technology Immersion (laptop initiative) projects
  3. My One to One Research website (also includes resource links)


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