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Reinventing Education for the 21st Century (Designing School 2.0)


These are resources relating to my presentation, "Reinventing Education for the 21st Century (Designing School 2.0)." This has been shared:

  • As the opening keynote at the Annual Scholars Academy (for school administrators) hosted by the Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County (in Aurora, Ohio) on August 13, 2009.
  • As the opening keynote address at the 2009 eTech Ohio conference in Columbus, Ohio, on February 2, 2009.


Looking for my "Celebrate Oklahoma Voices" presentation resources?


At eTechOhio 2009 the official program description was:

As Thomas Friedman persuasively argued in this book "The World is Flat," we live in a very different and rapidly changing economic and cultural environment. Schools need to change to prepare students for the dynamic opportunities of the 21st century workforce. Collaboration in most of our schools today is still called "cheating." Our factory model of transmission-based education must be transformed into one where learners regularly collaborate, access and "remix" digital information, and extend their learning beyond the traditional bell schedule. One to one laptop initiatives, where every student and teacher have wireless computing devices; schools and libraries becoming community learning hubs offering public wireless and wired connectivity to the Internet; and the deregulation of education which frees learners to spend time in real-world, problem-based and project-based learning need to become hallmarks of education in the 21st century. This presentation shares this vision for reinventing education: Designing School 2.0, and offers suggestions for how civic leaders can move toward this vision at local levels.



  1. Believe in Me (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
  2. Innocence Lost (Celebrate Oklahoma Voices video)
  3. Hula in Hawaii (July 2009) - Shown in Aurora, Ohio
  4. Sledding in Edmond, Oklahoma last week (filmed by 11 year old Alexander) - shown at eTechOhio09
  5. Kaplan University Professor Spot (Kaplan Advertisement)
  6. Mastering Low-Level Content (Dr. Scott McLeod)
  7. Educational Podcasting in Woodland Park Colorado (Colorado teachers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams)
  8. A Day to Remember (Renee Hall on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices)

Presentation Links

  1. Image: The Permeable Classroom (Gore-Tex Analogy)
  2. Image: Our Digital Landscape r2 (Beyond the Digital Native / Digital Immigrant Dichotomy)
  3. Image: Blended Learning
  4. Image: Diffusion of Innovations
  5. Image: Learning Should Never Stop
  6. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices
  7. Creative Oklahoma (The Oklahoma Creativity Project)
  8. Students as Content Producers: 1-to-1 Laptop program at Nashwaaksis Middle School (Jeff Whipple, 12 Jan 2009)
  9. 21st Century Literacy Classroom - so far (James Sigler, 10 Dec 2009)
  10. Educational Origami (Andrew Churches on the new Bloom's Taxonomy)
  11. Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns by Clayton Christensen (2008)
  12. Texas Center for Educational Research (TCER) Evaluation of the Texas Immersion Pilot Project (TxTIP)
    1. PDF - Third-Year (2006-07) Traits of Higher Technology Immersion Schools and Teachers (July 2008)
  13. VoiceThread: Getting a New Haircut
  14. VoiceThread in Education Wiki (LOTS of great examples)
  15. Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning (a framework for using web 2.0 tools for blended learning)
  16. Unmasking the Digital Truth (addressing content filtering facts and myths)
  17. The K-12 Online Conference (free, online conference about web 2.0 classroom integration, 4th year in December 2009)
  18. Storychasers (a nonprofit empowering digital witnesses to constructively share their voices on the global stage)
  19. Online Timer (the one I used for turn/pair/share discussions)

Scholars Academy 2009 Presentation Slides

  1. As a PDF (3 MB)

eTechOhio09 Presentation Slides

  1. As a PDF (2.2 MB)
  2. SlideShare 

eTechOhio09 Recorded Presentation

  1. As a mp3 audio podcast (14.2 MB, 62 min)
  2. Video Podcast on iTunesU Ohio (498 MB - 82 min)
  3. SlideShare Slidecast


A Chatzy backchannel room is available (password: ohio) - http://tinyurl.com/etechohio

Other Resources:

  1. Wesley Fryer's blog, "Moving at the Speed of Creativity"
  2. Follow Wes on Twitter (userid: wfryer)
  3. Wes' Handouts (other presentation and workshop curriculum)
  4. Videos for PD
  5. Educational Blogs Wes Follows
  6. Contact Wes
  7. Education 2.1 Recorded Sessions (Don't miss Sunday's panel)



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