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Page history last edited by Wesley Fryer 15 years, 7 months ago

Backchannel discussion for Chris Lehmann's presentation at NECC on 1 July 2008


View Chris' preso on Ustream


View audience feedback and Chris' post-show on Ustream


 01:54 LisaParisi : http://ubd21c.wikispaces.com/

 11:53 ustreamer-13123 : :-)

 11:53 budtheteacher : Good to see you, Justin.

 11:53 justinreeve : you too, bud.

 11:53 cliotech : In which physical room is this session running?

 11:54 sharonbetts : its in 206a

 11:54 ustreamer-13123 : you IDed me with my random ustream userid, Bud! :-)

 11:54 sharonbetts : however it is full

 11:54 ustreamer-13123 : ok this is going to be too fun....

 11:54 justinreeve : there's another stream going on in http://www.ustream.tv/channel/coachnorms-show  Not sure which to choose.

 11:54 LisaParisi : http://ubd21c.wikispaces.com/

 01:55 SharonP : so much fun to pop in from Cape Town....

 01:55 LisaParisi : This is the wiki Chris will be using

 01:55 ustreamer-21557 : Hello from Hays, KS

 01:55 ustreamer-13123 : ok, remind me again about the /nick thingee

 01:55 wfryer : Hi Sharon! So glad you could join from South Africa!

 01:55 SharonP : busy planning, planning, planning workshops for the week...

 01:55 LisaParisi : HI Sharon

 01:55 ustreamer-3852 : Thanks for Tweeting the URL LisaP

 01:55 wfryer : How is the weather in cape town today?

 01:55 SharonP : hey Wes, will be showing off some of your stuff on podcasting this week

 01:55 ustreamer-3852 : Hi Sharon

 01:56 Deacs84 : @cliotech I htink it is room 207

 01:56 SharonP : CT is cold but clear and sunny with a gale expected later this week (yikes)

 01:56 cyndidannerkuhn : Hello from Hays, KS

 01:56 cfoote : hello all

 01:56 tom_turner : *wave* sharon...missing both you and jen this year :(

 01:56 LisaParisi : ustreamer number people can change names  type /nick leave a space and type your name

 01:56 sharonbetts : I think every session I have attended filled and they closed the doors

 01:56 SharonP : hi Tom, am missing you folks too

 01:56 cobannon-1 : Hello from Winder, Ga!

 01:56 wfryer : @SharonP that's great!

 01:56 fsinfo : hi tom are you in this room or multitaksing?

 01:56 SharonP : Say, did anyone catch Konrad G's preso yesterday??

 01:56 sharonbetts : Hi SharonP

 01:56 SharonP : Hi Sharon

 01:56 skydaddy-1 : Hi from Cleveland, OH

 01:56 sharonbetts : got cut out of Kondrad's

 01:57 ustreamer-45506 : SharonP, will you be on WOW2 tonight?

 01:57 budtheteacher : The doors have been closed - very close quarters in here.

 01:57 SharonP : he was overflowing???

 01:57 budtheteacher : Hi, Sharon

 01:57 cfoote : @sharonp  I saw the ustream --was good

 01:57 skydaddy-1 : Us online folks have the best seats.  :-)

 01:57 LisaParisi : Bud, are you in the room?

 01:57 derrallg : @sharonP it was full couldn't get in

 01:57 cobannon-1 : I second that skydaddy

 01:57 tom_turner : I'm multitasking .... sitting here in cafe watching @Kdumont

 01:57 budtheteacher : @lisa - yes - left side fourth row.

 01:57 derrallg : I'm over at Will and Sheryl's session

 01:57 wfryer : is audio and video OK for everyone viewing remotely? (I can ratchet up and down depending on our bandwidth)

 01:57 SharonP : Will not be at WOW2 tonight.... is at 4 AM my time!!

 01:57 dmantz7 : Such a shame that people are not permitted  to sit on floor for this session.

 01:57 cobannon-1 : I'm going to try and toggle 2 ustreams

 01:57 bcrosby : Hi Bud!

 01:57 kcaise-1 : yes it is

 01:57 skydaddy-1 : will - a bit dark.  audio is good

 01:58 cliotech : @wfryer Is this being archived as well?

 01:58 wfryer : yes I am archiving

 01:58 ustreamer-45506 : SharonP -What kind of dedication is that :-)

 01:58 budtheteacher : Hi, Brian.

 01:58 SharonP : @45506 I t would be a small matter of rousing my team leader so I can use his internet connection to be there.....

 01:59 ustreamer-45506 : We'll miss you

 01:59 cliotech : Chris is really so inspiring - I wish that we could bottle his vision to share with all admins

 01:59 SharonP : awww

 01:59 SharonP : thanks

 01:59 justinreeve : okay, Ustream doesn't like me watching two presentations at once

 01:59 justinreeve : I pause one, both pause

 01:59 SharonP : I love Chris's stuff - find him so inspiring

 01:59 wfryer : it is impossible to boilerplate passion

 01:59 sharonbetts : I dream of admins like Chris in my schools

 01:59 budtheteacher : @cliotech - yeah the challenge becomes building on it when and where we can

 01:59 tom_turner : did video go out for all?

 01:59 skydaddy-1 : justin - you need two laptops,  :-)

 01:59 justinreeve : video is a little choppier than normal

 02:00 skydaddy-1 : yes, choppy

 02:00 budtheteacher : "It's never about us."

 02:00 justinreeve : I have four computers on my desk right now, but only one set of headphones :(

 02:00 sharonbetts : bandwidth at NECC pretty tight

 02:00 wfryer : i dropped the video quality a bit

 02:00 ustreamer-65138 : that's wifi for you

 02:00 GingerTPLC : PBL is more than just "projects."

 02:00 wfryer : oh come on, let's ask unauthentic questions...

 02:00 derrallg : battery going have fun will look forward to watching the session later

 02:00 budtheteacher : We need to be asking questions that we don't know all the answers to .

 02:01 ustreamer-37014 : Anyone else having trouble getting signed in to Ustream?

 02:01 ustreamer-65138 : yes

 02:01 tsakshaug : took awhile

 02:01 sharonbetts : yes - education is so enhanced wtih passion

 02:01 wfryer : how are we doing on audio and video quality for remote folks?

 02:01 jeffmason : fine on audio

 02:02 cyndidannerkuhn : Good for me, better than yesterday

 02:02 skydaddy-1 : wes - good now, video a little choppy

 02:02 wfryer : local attendees, please remember to pause your local video to help conserve bandwidth

 02:02 cobannon-1 : Audio is perfect, video a little pixelated

 02:02 LisaParisi : change names by typing /nick leave a space and type your name

 02:02 misst2 : audio great

 02:02 budtheteacher : If you're in the room, please pause your stream

 02:02 wfryer : ok good, audio is most important...

 02:02 kcaise-1 : video is pixelated a bit

 02:02 jcbleif : audio ok, video very pixelated

 02:02 wfryer : i will up the video a bit...

 02:02 skydaddy-1 : video very dark

 02:02 mrsdurff : good enough

 02:02 cmahoney : Emotional involvment helps learning on a neurological level as well

 02:02 wfryer : yes it is very dark in the room

 02:02 justinreeve : I feel like I'm watching Tetris

 02:02 LisaParisi : hi durff

 02:03 cyndidannerkuhn : Hi Druff and Wesley

 02:03 wfryer : if it is better i can not show slides... just Chris

 02:03 bcrosby : Everyone knows we need to think about the test.

 02:03 cyndidannerkuhn : Wesley:  Just accepted a position in the College of Education at Kansas State!!

 02:03 GingerTPLC : Hey Cyndi! While youre at K-State, would love for you to come see TPLC and help move us to this level.

 02:03 CSouthard : I love the word ubiquitous

 02:03 wfryer : WOW Cyndi - that is AWESOME!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

 02:03 jeffmason : invisible

 02:03 wfryer : everyone clap for Cyndi!

 02:03 skydaddy-1 : CSouthard - use it everywhere :-)

 02:03 cyndidannerkuhn : GingerTPLC- will do!!

 02:03 jeffmason : clap clap

 02:04 MacMare : YEH!!! Cyndi!

 02:04 skydaddy-1 : yay Cyndi!

 02:04 cobannon-1 : Clap clap

 02:04 cyndidannerkuhn : I am pretty excited about thid new adventure and journey

 02:04 budtheteacher : Nice,  Cyndi - good news.

 02:04 misst2 : clap clap

 02:04 cobannon-1 : Showing slides is fine with me as long as I can hear him.

 02:04 CSouthard : Clap 4 Cyndi - High five too

 02:04 wfryer : thanks to @GingerTLPC for providing the Macbook Pro we are using to Ustream this!!!

 02:04 cyndidannerkuhn : thanks everybody

 02:04 bcrosby : I can't wait until the use of the word ubiquitous is ubiquitous.

 02:04 CSouthard : Project based is super important

 02:04 kcaise-1 : congrats cyndi

 02:04 budtheteacher : "We do projects to demonstrate understanding."

 02:04 GingerTPLC : Cyndi: ESU isn't really taking full advantage and we're ripe for the pickings!

 02:04 northerngent : thanks Cyndi

 02:04 skydaddy-1 : speaking of doing projects - read this later: http://bobhooversblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/apprentices-toolbox.html

 02:05 justinreeve : thanks skydaddy

 02:05 jeffmason : we have a P-Based middle school then they matriculate to a Standard HS

 02:05 skydaddy-1 : it's dead-on germane to what he just said, and shows that it's NOT a new idea

 02:05 cyndidannerkuhn : showing slides os good!

 02:05 cyndidannerkuhn : is

 02:05 GingerTPLC : Same here JeffMason

 02:05 wfryer : ok!

 02:05 wfryer : i will keep switching

 02:05 sharonbetts : @jeffmason how does it go for the kids?

 02:05 skydaddy-1 : it's either his slides or his shorts; i vote for the slides

 02:05 wfryer : i love Chris' language of "realizing Dewey's Dream"

 02:05 tsakshaug : Amen

 02:06 jeffmason : Tough go for the kids

 02:06 justinreeve : I know teachers who say that :(

 02:06 LisaParisi : skydaddy are you here or at home?

 02:06 skydaddy-1 : clap!!!!

 02:06 GingerTPLC : @JeffMason What do you have in place for the transition?

 02:06 tsakshaug : what works

 02:06 cnelson : slides

 02:06 wfryer : is video quality better now? we are at 70%

 02:06 skydaddy-1 : At work near Cleveland

 02:06 northerngent : is this going to be posted afterwards

 02:06 CSouthard : What's a Good web2.0 tool? Name ur fav

 02:06 techsavvygirl : christ is so full of quotable quotes

 02:06 dmantz7 :      @cydidannerkuhn:Chris has the slide shared. http://ubd21c.wikispaces.com/

 02:06 justinreeve : northerngent: Check on http://necclive.wikispaces.com/page/edit/Live%20Information?responseToken=c659ea22a923d7c30ef80772636e5d64 for the links

 02:06 jeffmason : They are used to collaborating, then they are on there own.

 02:07 skydaddy-1 : very very choppy

 02:07 wfryer : yes it will be archivedon ustream.tv/wfryer and I'll link from speedofcreativity.org

 02:07 sharonbetts : the one we all use - Yes.

 02:07 LisaParisi : @techsavvygirl  I know he's good but "Christ"?

 02:07 jeffmason : Would like to see the kids continue on there own to indicate efficacy

 02:07 plvitf : That's a great point about using the one we all use

 02:07 techsavvygirl : sorry...  typos

 02:07 northerngent : thanks, as it too shoppy

 02:07 wfryer : is anyone besides skydaddy-1 having choppy video?

 02:07 northerngent : yes

 02:07 justinreeve : I'm getting choppy video AND audio

 02:07 jcbleif : yes me too

 02:07 wfryer : ok i dropped to 60% video

 02:07 cobannon-1 : I'm dropping bits here and there

 02:08 justinreeve : and it's too dark

 02:08 cnelson : will archive be choppy? multitasking from Will/Sheryl...

 02:08 cyndidannerkuhn : Just show slides

 02:08 justinreeve : let's see, what else can we complain about?

 02:08 justinreeve : that red light is rubbing me the wrong way

 02:08 mrsdurff : justin - be good

 02:08 wfryer : archive will hopefully be better- choppy depends on your local connection too...

 02:08 justinreeve : yes ma'am

 02:08 northerngent : ok

 02:08 cmahoney : What can integrate all/many of these resources into one?

 02:09 skydaddy-1 : what part of that taxonomy is "recently falsifed?"

 02:09 bcrosby : 1994 - email

 02:09 cyndidannerkuhn : I love that chart Chris is showing

 02:09 cnelson : i want a copy of that slide

 02:09 tsakshaug : microsoft?

 02:09 cnelson : where can i find it?

 02:09 wfryer : i'll ask chris if he is posting his slides...

 02:09 skydaddy-1 : "reasonably false"

 02:09 cyndidannerkuhn : Me too

 02:09 wfryer : can technology be the tail that wags the pedagogical dog?

 02:09 sharonbetts : @cmahoney that is my goal for my teachers - one tool to do most tools

 02:09 wfryer : good question

 02:10 tsakshaug : A good worker does not blame his tools

 02:10 bcrosby : I think he said he has it on slideshare.

 02:10 wfryer : i bet he does

 02:10 cyndidannerkuhn : Good question Wes

 02:10 skydaddy-1 : only if the dog will chase the tail and not run in fear from it

 02:10 wfryer : we should check the wiki

 02:10 budtheteacher : @wes - it isn't right now.

 02:10 cyndidannerkuhn : Absolutely Skydaddy-1

 02:10 mrsdurff : you can still be a rigid industrial age teacher and use the tools

 02:10 tsakshaug : agree

 02:10 jcbleif : how many?

 02:11 mrsdurff : point is your pedagogy must shift

 02:11 cyndidannerkuhn : I think it more about discovery and finding the right tool for the task

 02:11 GingerTPLC : @mrsdurff: i'm seeing that all the time!!

 02:11 skydaddy-1 : mrsdurff - but how willt hey use them?

 02:11 lspeers : Pick the right tool for the jog

 02:11 bcrosby : No, You Be Dee

 02:12 tsakshaug : Some Times paper and pencil are good tools

 02:12 wfryer : @budtheteacher - was your comment about the audio and video stream? sorry i am multi-task challenged now..

 02:12 bcrosby : That was supposed to be funny ... sorry.

 02:12 cyndidannerkuhn : This is so amazing we can watch this online.  I am so jealous that I am not there!!

 02:12 skydaddy-1 : ysak - absoutely

 02:12 justinreeve : @cyndidannerkuhn Do you really need to be there?

 02:12 skydaddy-1 : tsakshaug - absolutely

 02:12 wfryer : Cyndi is the audio ok? how good is the video for you?

 02:12 justinreeve : Granted, face to face is cool, but this is pretty cool too

 02:13 sharonbetts : @cyndidannerkuhn - you are here - just not in person

 02:13 justinreeve : I mean, I'm connecting with other teachers through these backchannels, I'm learning new tricks and techniques...

 02:13 skydaddy-1 : sharon - :-)

 02:13 cyndidannerkuhn : no, but sure would be more fun than sitting in my office-you know it is a social thing too!!

 02:13 wfryer : @justinreeve the synergy of being here F2F is awesome! i highly recommend F2F meetups! :-)

 02:13 mrsdurff : audio had a high-pitched whine to it

 02:13 justinreeve : oh, I agree @wfryer.  But this is DEFINITELY the second-best thing

 02:13 mrsdurff : but not bad - don't stop

 02:13 wfryer : @mrsdurff is that high pitched whine gone?

 02:13 justinreeve : for those of us who weren't able to attend

 02:13 cyndidannerkuhn : yes, second best thing

 02:13 justinreeve : plus, we don't have to pay for it :)

 02:13 mrsdurff : not wes

 02:14 mrsdurff : but don't stop the stream

 02:14 mrsdurff : the content is worth it

 02:14 skydaddy-1 : "how to learn rather than game the adults" yup

 02:14 dmantz7 : wfryer:I second the F2F.     

 02:14 wfryer : @mrsdurff i dropped the audio to 36 kHz

 02:15 mrsdurff : it ,might be the wifi

 02:15 sharonbetts : kids rellect every project - what a concept

 02:15 wfryer : hmmm

 02:15 wfryer : are others hearing an audio whine?

 02:15 jeffmason : no

 02:15 skydaddy-1 : not noticable, but I have cheap headphones

 02:15 ustreamer-35827 : no - it's clear for me

 02:15 marsenault : not here.. video is a bit choppy.. audio is fine.

 02:15 misstizzypc : no problems on my end

 02:15 kentmanning : no clear as a bell

 02:16 tom_turner : anyone have the wiki address...didnt' get here in time for it

 02:16 budtheteacher : http://ubd21c.wikispaces.com

 02:16 wfryer : ok - as long as we have some people saying no problems we are ok-- and the archive should be ok. excellent. choppiness is likely a local issue with your connectivity...

 02:16 tom_turner : thanks bud

 02:16 misstizzypc : and I have a crazy satellite connection

 02:16 budtheteacher : no problem

 02:16 budtheteacher : can this model work for building things larger than lessons?

 02:16 budtheteacher : like, maybe institutions?

 02:17 sharonbetts : yes - wanna start a new school?

 02:17 karlfisch : maybe

 02:17 jeffmason : Why do we teach it or why is it important that a student learn it?

 02:17 GingerTPLC : @bud : would love to try

 02:17 misstizzypc : thanks for streaming this and thanks to sharonbetts for posting on twitter

 02:17 wfryer : @budtheteacher i think as those who use this model can transform an institution as they use it - culture change

 02:17 jutecht : Hi eveyone

 02:18 wfryer : hey jeff!

 02:18 mrsdurff : hi jeff

 02:18 justinreeve : hey Jeff

 02:18 techsavvygirl : we need teachers who will take time to reflect and schools who will those teachers the time

 02:18 skydaddy-1 : Hi, jeff!

 02:18 karlfisch : some institutions can't be transformed so easily

 02:18 GingerTPLC : @wfryer I think that if only one teacher in a school uses it, it won't be as successful.

 02:18 LisaParisi : So bud, where is the school going to be?

 02:18 jutecht : They shouldn't leave me alone in these cafe's

 02:18 wfryer : remember if you are local here in the room to please PAUSE your video stream to conserve bandwidth

 02:18 jutecht : Just stole the wired connection :)

 02:18 tsakshaug : Need leadership in schools

 02:18 LisaParisi : @ginger  ONe at a time does sometimes work

 02:18 jeffmason : @karlfisch it will take an inspired leader

 02:18 justinreeve : @wfryer Is that a problem with ustream itself, or with the upstream at NECC?

 02:18 skydaddy-1 : progress - one retirement at a time

 02:19 sharonbetts : @Ginger the process can spread

 02:19 jutecht : @justinreeve NECC problem...really bad

 02:19 wfryer : the $1,000,000 question: do you do PBL - how do you assess?

 02:19 cyndidannerkuhn : We need leaders in schools like Chris!

 02:19 wfryer : is it authentic?

 02:19 wfryer : yes we do cyndi!

 02:19 sharonbetts : the assessment is not the test - NCLB hmmmm

 02:19 GingerTPLC : Not giving a test! *gasp*

 02:19 justinreeve : ah I see.  I was afraid ustream had some bandwidth limits

 02:19 cyndidannerkuhn : I agree NO Giving TESTS!!

 02:19 bcrosby : WOW maybe I'm kinda doing it right!

 02:19 jeffmason : the project is the assessment

 02:19 wfryer : Chris is keynoting k12online this year for "leading the change!" We can all see and hear why!

 02:20 GingerTPLC : We do good learning and literally call the rest by what it is: <censored>

 02:20 cyndidannerkuhn : Yippy Skippy!!

 02:20 mrsdurff : i don't give tests - just one as a joke

 02:20 justinreeve : I'm helping a principal set up a new school, and he's VERY anti-test.  It's awesome.

 02:20 tom_turner : amen amen amen....never gave a test for a full year and a half before I left the classroom to my current position

 02:20 wfryer : uh oh

 02:20 sharonbetts : getting ready for k12online - NECC is finishing

 02:20 wfryer : we havea lot of dipsticks around our schools i'm afraid....

 02:20 lspeers : The reason to test is to evaluate your teaching

 02:20 sharonbetts : @justin - fabulous - where is this school

 02:20 GingerTPLC : it takes a lot of continuous prepping of parents to keep them understanding too

 02:20 justinreeve : Ogden, Utah.  www.venturelearning.org - will open in August.

 02:20 tsakshaug : Philly?

 02:20 mrsdurff : the assessment is the completion of the project measured via a public rubric

 02:21 wfryer : Yes, and everyone remember the k12online08 proposal deadline is extended till July 11th!

 02:21 justinreeve : it's an expeditionary learning school.  The focus is on collaborative teamwork and actually experiencing the classwork in person.

 02:21 tom_turner : @lspeers  your teaching can be evaluated through the authentic creations studetns create in PBL

 02:21 budtheteacher : does anybody really do a good job of building the assessments that lead to the project?

 02:21 sharonbetts : @justin what a great project to be part of

 02:21 budtheteacher : Yep - wes - got to get that done before I leave NCEE>

 02:21 budtheteacher : oops -

 02:21 mrsdurff : yes wes

 02:21 budtheteacher : NECC

 02:21 justinreeve : oh I think so too.  Students NEVER work alone, ALWAYS in teams.

 02:21 skydaddy-1 : podcast interview w/a college history prof willing to try some new things, including a form of PBL: http://www2.lakelandcc.edu/dl/pods/hist1903_interview3.mp3 He was brave, but it was a very cool class.

 02:21 justinreeve : it's a great educational philosophy

 02:21 cfoote : @budtheteacher good question

 02:21 bcrosby : @bud ... One of my goals is do do a much better job of that.

 02:21 sharonbetts : people in general work in teams

 02:22 wfryer : @budtheteacher i know of different rubric builders and examples but i would like to see a tool that provides for interactive feedback on a rubric

 02:22 budtheteacher : Listen to @skydaddy's link above - interesting conversation

 02:22 bcrosby : to do

 02:22 justinreeve : only problem, the admins aren't the most tech savvy bunch, and are a little fearful of new tech

 02:22 jeffmason : @budtheteacher or assessments that lead "through " a project

 02:22 skydaddy-1 : thanks, bud!

 02:22 justinreeve : they're about 10 years behind, and it's a little frustrating

 02:22 budtheteacher : @wfryer - say more about that - what does it look like?

 02:22 budtheteacher : @jeffmason - or lead up to one -

 02:22 skydaddy-1 : @bud @wes - interactive rubic = kids have a say in creating it?

 02:22 wfryer : well like rubricon or rubricator or whatever, but kids in a 1:1 environment can USE it online, instead of the teacher printing it

 02:22 budtheteacher : That hard for me to do - but we've all got to build that way, I think.

 02:22 jcbleif : wes, are you going to archive this chat also?  I'm having trouble multi-tasking the video & chat!

 02:23 justinreeve : the principal does actually have a neat idea, though.  He was on board from the get-go with a 1:1 program.  He doesn't even want a computer lab.  Instead, he believes every room should have its own lab

 02:23 justinreeve : so we've been setting up Edubuntu Linux thin clients in each room, using donated computers

 02:23 budtheteacher : @skydaddy - I 've built rubrics with kids - great way to go - but that's not really what I'm asking.

 02:23 justinreeve : so far we have about 100 computers for all the students in the school, then laptops will be shared to fill in the gaps

 02:23 wfryer : yes this is being recorded and archived

 02:23 justinreeve : school will fit about 450 students

 02:23 wfryer : i'll make this available as an audio podcast too (Chris has granted permission)

 02:23 jcbleif : @wfryer: thanks :)

 02:23 budtheteacher : I'm asking - where are the really good and rich dipsticks that can help us shape learning towards a project?

 02:24 wfryer : @budtheteacher great question

 02:24 wfryer : good dipsticks include good questions

 02:24 LisaParisi : Example Bud?

 02:24 mrsdurff : send lori sheldon the link wes - szhe is collating on the wiki

 02:24 LisaParisi : Rich tests, you mean?

 02:24 justinreeve : you mean teachers don't naturally run in upper class circles? :)

 02:24 tsakshaug : is This The only hot room at NECC?

 02:24 budtheteacher : okay - yes, Wes - good questions and time for reflection.

 02:24 LisaParisi : How about one to one conversation?

 02:25 budtheteacher : @lisa - yes - conversation's another one.

 02:25 LisaParisi : but time consuming

 02:25 GingerTPLC : @bud: I don't think it's on, but a battery of f2f conversations and getting to know your population

 02:25 justinreeve : I agree with Ginger

 02:25 wfryer : @budtheteacher I like Bernajean Porter's rubric creator for digital stories, but it is NOT interactive - teachers still print them

 02:25 LisaParisi : @ginger but what about a class of 25?

 02:25 justinreeve : get PARENTS involved

 02:25 sharonbetts : too many laptops - getting warmer and warmer

 02:25 jeffmason : @budtheteacher (first thought) the dipsticks would would look more like a matrix than a rubric

 02:25 LisaParisi : How long will it take to get that info?

 02:25 budtheteacher : @ginger - it's got to be mroe than just talking.

 02:25 wfryer : someone needs to help Bernajean make her rubric tool where teachers can use it online with students

 02:26 justinreeve : they're the ones whose kids are in these schools.  Some of them might be ridiculously rich.

 02:26 GingerTPLC : @LisaP I'm ready for a different framework for "school" and that does not include classes of 25

 02:26 budtheteacher : @wes - have you suggested that to her?

 02:26 LisaParisi : How about just a paper and pencil pretest?  Simple and maybe five questions:  What do you knowabout....

 02:26 wfryer : @budtheteacher No I haven't but we should!

 02:26 sharonbetts : good idea on BP rubrics

 02:26 LisaParisi : Ginger...when you set up that school, let me in.

 02:26 cfoote : does anyone else's ustream say "sexy" "<censored> my profile" at the top...lol?

 02:26 wfryer : That would be a great grant project for a university to sponsor, focused on assessment following this model

 02:26 GingerTPLC : @bud: yes, more than conversation. But that's a great start. Then looking at interest/readiness/apitiude

 02:26 budtheteacher : @lisa - that's subjective - what about for objective skills that need dipsticking?

 02:27 GingerTPLC : @Lisa What do you think TPLC is, anyway?

 02:27 justinreeve : wow, there's there streamed presos going on at once

 02:27 LisaParisi : Not necess. subjective if questions are worded carefully

 02:27 GingerTPLC : Very socratic. Very family as part of the community.

 02:27 cyndidannerkuhn : We have an iTunes U were I current teach, but we have network nazi's so basically it is useless

 02:27 LisaParisi : Besides, why can't the dipsticks be more subjective?

 02:28 skydaddy-1 : Ginger - assumes family care about education

 02:28 justinreeve : *there's three

 02:28 LisaParisi : Changes can be made in instruction as needed as progression is made through the project

 02:28 sharonbetts : we need to try to do something about network-nazis as a group

 02:28 GingerTPLC : they must be both, imo, to see the whole kid.

 02:28 wfryer : i am not really enamored with the metaphor "dipsticking".... I like the idea, but not the name!

 02:28 loonyhiker-1 : love the term "network nazis" :)

 02:28 sharonbetts : Ginger - sorta negative, ha

 02:28 jcbleif : I don't like that term either, @wfryer

 02:28 wfryer : it is funny to think that most dipsticks are abused, and when you abuse a dipstick you ARE a dipstick

 02:28 wfryer : it is also sad of course....

 02:28 justinreeve : maybe if we used "dipsticking" more often it would be okay

 02:28 LisaParisi : So Wes, how about simply preassessment

 02:28 justinreeve : blurt it out several times a day in conversation, for instance

 02:28 ustreamer-68463 : why aren't the network nazi's answering to the curriculum folks and what can we do to work towards that?

 02:29 justinreeve : ustreamer-68463: You tell me.  There's a huge gap between them in our district.

 02:29 GingerTPLC : @Cyndi If you're still with us here, we'll be talking later.

 02:29 wfryer : @LisaParisi yes lisa, you are right, we are just talking about assessment!

 02:29 skydaddy-1 : 463 -because network and curriculum both report to sr admins

 02:29 sharonbetts : in my district the network manager is under educational tech coordinator

 02:29 wfryer : maybe when we misuse assessment, we're acting like dipsticks!

 02:29 cyndidannerkuhn : Ginger-OK,

 02:29 cobannon-1 : @sharonbetts - that's the way it needs to be

 02:30 budtheteacher : I'm a dipstick most of the time.  It's cool.

 02:30 loonyhiker-1 : i know in both districts i taught, there was no connection between curriculum and tech ppl

 02:30 cyndidannerkuhn : most network nazi's are not educators

 02:30 jeffmason : multidimensonal dipstick

 02:30 rrmurry : We keep coming back to the issue of tech depts running (ruining) the abilities of teachers to do what is proposed in conferences like NECC.

 02:30 loonyhiker-1 : both had their own kingdoms and wasn't willing to work together

 02:30 wfryer : i think helping students publish and create their own digital portfolio by sharing on the open web, so their ideas are "google-able" - is best practice

 02:30 justinreeve : that's really quite an unfortunate truth, loonyhiker

 02:30 sharonbetts : I still believe that it is possible to get the network people on board - it takes work

 02:30 justinreeve : we're actually creating a curriculum mapping application right now in our district, and it's revealed just how disparate we are

 02:30 budtheteacher : @rrmurry - why are we coming back to that?

 02:30 wfryer : hey my words are blue now, cool

 02:30 loonyhiker-1 : @wfryer it is also real world

 02:31 dmantz7 : @ustream-68463:network nazis are not always asked  to join those types of conversations.

 02:31 rrmurry : @wfryer absolutely a best practice

 02:31 wfryer : (not to focus on irrelevant things like text color...)

 02:31 GingerTPLC : Does SLA keep a "regular" school year?

 02:31 jutecht : Why do network nazi's exist?

 02:31 jutecht : That's the issue

 02:31 wfryer : sorry i was slow moving the camera

 02:31 wfryer : this is multi-task challening!

 02:31 loonyhiker-1 : @jutecht power

 02:31 LisaParisi : Can we please not keep talking about Nazis?

 02:31 jutecht : pressure from community?

 02:31 tsakshaug : Because we can

 02:31 wfryer : @jutecht we should be using mogolus!

 02:31 budtheteacher : @jutecht - They probably don't consider themselves nazis.

 02:31 justinreeve : @jutecht Parents are a huge part

 02:31 justinreeve : There are laws, too

 02:31 sharonbetts : jutrecht - schools need someone to cover techiness - they don't hire ones who understand education

 02:32 jutecht : @justin agree...parents

 02:32 wfryer : projects that don't die - a sign of authentic learning

 02:32 skydaddy-1 : fear is a primary mortivator

 02:32 LisaParisi : No relation between network bullies and nazis

 02:32 loonyhiker-1 : fear of lawsuits and conflict

 02:32 jutecht : so who do we need to be reaching?

 02:32 rrmurry : @bud - we just do.  It was mentioned earlier by someone else.  When will supers make tech depts learn about teaching and not just tech tools to censor?  Never is too long to wait.

 02:32 imcguy : is this going to be archived somewhere?

 02:32 skydaddy-1 : imcguy - yes

 02:32 justinreeve : the idea is to keep the kids safe, but I think sometimes network nazis anticipate what kind of restrictions NEED to be in place, without actually asking which ones SHOULD be in place

 02:32 sharonbetts : one of our interview questions is always - what is different between networks in schools and ones in business

 02:32 wfryer : a learning sign!

 02:32 budtheteacher : @rrmurry: Why is that the supe's job?  Why isn't it yours?

 02:32 wfryer : yes this is being recorded and archived

 02:32 jutecht : How many school board members are here at the conference?

 02:32 loonyhiker-1 : communication between everyone should be the key

 02:32 justinreeve : I'm still of the opinion that if you can get parents to back you up when you approach the tech department in your district, it will help you immensely

 02:32 jutecht : How many superindendents

 02:32 jutecht : why do we lock down networks?

 02:33 wfryer : i have not met any school board members here at NECC 2008, but I am sure they know. we should ask ISTE to publish a graph with the breakdown....

 02:33 sharonbetts : jutrecht - I have seen admins, but no board members

 02:33 imcguy : Jeff, great questions?  We lock down out of fear

 02:33 jutecht : becuase the people with the power to unlock them don't know

 02:33 jutecht : exactly!

 02:33 dmantz7 :  @jutecht: many network nazis

 02:33 budtheteacher : It's almost all an issue of ignorance.  Almost.

 02:33 justinreeve : @jutecht That's a great point

 02:33 skydaddy-1 : jeff - fear and ignorance.  not really their fault.  not malice, certainly

 02:33 justinreeve : they're the ones who NEED to be here, you're right

 02:33 cyndidannerkuhn : the graph would be a good idea

 02:33 justinreeve : er, there

 02:33 skydaddy-1 : we should all run for school board

 02:33 jutecht : No..our fault for not going to school board meetings

 02:33 cyndidannerkuhn : then send to every district

 02:33 GingerTPLC : KevinHoneycutt is a school board member.

 02:33 loonyhiker-1 : @skydaddy i agree about fear and ignorance, not about running for schoolboard lol

 02:33 justinreeve : agreed, skydaddy.  In fact, let's start our own chain of schools.

 02:33 sharonbetts : network managers feel their job is to protect the network, not to transform education

 02:33 imcguy : our district locks down and then opens up - I prefer to have it open and lock down only when necessary

 02:33 tsakshaug : Bandwidth worries, Don't want crashing

 02:34 rrmurry : @bud - I am not in a position of authority.  that's why I have to work around all the time.

 02:34 jutecht : Just FYI we are sending all 9 school board members to the Learning 2.008 conference

 02:34 tom_turner : @wfryer i ran into my director of technogy this AM...was very surprised

 02:34 wfryer : @gingerTLPC touche - you are right!

 02:34 jutecht : mandatory by the Supt.

 02:34 jutecht : That's how you start change

 02:34 skydaddy-1 : jeff - that's the way to go.

 02:34 sharonbetts : and really change is happening

 02:34 justinreeve : The problem is that while MOST kids will probably behave themselves, there's always those FEW who won't, and they ruin it for everyone.

 02:34 LisaParisi : Nice..how do you do all this in a school where you are an island?

 02:34 wfryer : a key question is how we can help "reach" our board members. i'm thinking it is thru digital storytelling...

 02:34 justinreeve : and it's not just kids.  Sometimes it's teachers too.

 02:34 budtheteacher : @rrmurry: You don't need authority to have a conversation. It's hard to be brave - but we all need to be.  Everyday.

 02:34 jutecht : How many people in this room have given a preso to a School Board about any of this?

 02:34 justinreeve : then the district decides to lock down the entire network because of the minority.

 02:34 LisaParisi : Me, Jeff

 02:34 skydaddy-1 : I've asked

 02:34 budtheteacher : @jutecht - not formally, but yes.  To many board members.

 02:34 LisaParisi : with csouthard

 02:34 justinreeve : @jutecht I did, and it didn't go well

 02:35 justinreeve : this was for a charter school though, not a district

 02:35 jutecht : @justin....shame

 02:35 wfryer : i am guilty, i have not - but I am not sure a direct frontal assault on the school board is "the way..."

 02:35 dmantz7 : @jutecht:are not educators and want to run schools like a company network. 

 02:35 jutecht : @dmantz7...exaclty

 02:35 cyndidannerkuhn : I Have, I present to the local school broad a couple times a year, I just go to open forum part and give my two cents!!

 02:35 justinreeve : @jutecht our school district is actually quite open to change.  But there are a few hurdles we still need to overcome

 02:35 jutecht : @wfryer

 02:35 jutecht : not saying it's the way

 02:35 jutecht : but it is an option

 02:35 loonyhiker-1 : @jutecht with a district of 68000 students, our school board isn't going anywhere

 02:35 kcaise-1 : it's difficult to move forward when all blogs are blocked within the schools in my last school district

 02:35 jutecht : I take "tech highlights" and make preso for school boards

 02:35 loonyhiker-1 : they claim that money is too tight

 02:36 ssandifer : warlick spoek to Houston area superintendents in March -- and they still didn't get it...

 02:36 skydaddy-1 : mea culpa-  I hacen;ty been to a single SB meeting.  But I am active in parents' group

 02:36 jutecht : show them what we are doing with what we got

 02:36 ustreamer-51365 : hello all-wish I could be there!

 02:36 budtheteacher : @kcaise

 02:36 imcguy : great idea Jeff

 02:36 jutecht : from there you can tell them what you can do if you had more

 02:36 budtheteacher : : That's a yeah, but

 02:36 wfryer : @ ustreamer-51365 hello!

 02:36 dmantz7 :   I

 02:36 skydaddy-1 : lonneyhiker 0 but allthis stuff is FREE!

 02:36 wfryer : what city / state / country are remote viewers in?

 02:36 sharonbetts : I go to lots of SB meetings

 02:36 rrmurry : @bud Trust me.  My system knows my viewpoint.  They value the network more than the students.

 02:36 cyndidannerkuhn : Hays, Kansas

 02:36 astevens74 : What is the url for the showcase page he has referenced?

 02:36 skydaddy-1 : Cleveland OH

 02:36 ustreamer-23604 : Mechanicsburg,  PA

 02:36 misst2 : savannah, ga

 02:37 csgodfrey : @wfryer  Eastman, GA

 02:37 jcbleif : I'm in San Antonio but in my hotel room catching some time with my baby and eating lunch :)

 02:37 justinreeve : @wfryer Ogden/Utah/USA

 02:37 tsakshaug : Second row, right behind you

 02:37 skydaddy-1 : lol

 02:37 jutecht : third floor of NECC

 02:37 AngelaMaiers : I soo wish I was there. Next year for sure. 

 02:37 astevens74 : Nevermind... found it http://www.scienceleadership.org/drupaled/keywords/showcase

 02:37 justinreeve : thanks astevens

 02:37 sharonbetts : funny - in same room - across the country - all here

 02:37 cyndidannerkuhn : I love that every session I have watc h so far, the presenters are uning Macs!!  hammm...

 02:38 skydaddy-1 : what an age of wonders we live in

 02:38 jcbleif : Macs are taking over

 02:38 loonyhiker-1 : @wfyer greenville, south carolina

 02:38 cyndidannerkuhn : I hope Macs are taking over

 02:38 justinreeve : I'm actually starting to want a Mac

 02:38 jcbleif : if I can convert, anyone can...

 02:38 skydaddy-1 : me, too - esp looking at Vista

 02:38 loonyhiker-1 : natl disaster= my computer not working lol

 02:38 sharonbetts : don't start the platform issues - running linux - working

 02:38 cobannon-1 : @wfryer Winder, GA

 02:38 imcguy : I'm a Mac guy, but with so much stuff being on the web, it's doesn't matter as much any more

 02:38 cyndidannerkuhn : Just buy one, you wil never go back to the dark side again

 02:38 dmantz7 : am one that wears both hats but most teachers  do not always want to understand  that  I do care.

 02:38 kcaise-1 : i hope not - havent converted and dont think i wanna

 02:38 justinreeve : Linux > Mac

 02:38 justinreeve : ;)

 02:39 jutecht : Q: are great....we run our whole podcast on Essential Questions.

 02:39 sharonbetts : but linux <$$$$$$$$$$$$

 02:39 GingerTPLC : TPLC did the Are we safe unit for earth quakes in KS. Kids were FLOORED to know we aren't safe!

 02:39 justinreeve : I will say there's no way we'll use Mac servers here within the next 20 years

 02:39 jutecht : Always a good way to frame a conversations

 02:39 skydaddy-1 : but I donwannalearn more snew stuff!!! waahhh

 02:39 justinreeve : we're married to Linux

 02:39 GingerTPLC : and we went *so* deep into builing codes and site visits

 02:39 wfryer : this is SUCH an important process. if we ask the wrong questions, we risk acting like dipsticks

 02:39 rrmurry : Hey cobannon a godfrey.  two other Georgians.  Cool.

 02:39 AngelaMaiers : Just got a new Sony Vaio yesterday-4 lbs..LOVE it!

 02:39 GingerTPLC : *building

 02:39 budtheteacher : battery going.  see y;all later.

 02:39 wfryer : bye bud

 02:39 ustreamer-35827 : back to chris - this part of PBL is most successful if students are with the teachers during the development of the unit

 02:39 skydaddy-1 : see ya, bud!

 02:39 loonyhiker-1 : bye bud

 02:40 Jackson224 : Is presenter working from a PDF or a web page?

 02:40 rrmurry : always a pleasure Bud.  Take care.

 02:40 AngelaMaiers : Bye Bud!

 02:40 dmantz7 : @cyndidannerkuhn: I would love to but have  find the $.

 02:40 ustreamer-35827 : brainstorming the content

 02:40 GingerTPLC : @wes "wrong" questions just lead us to different results/solutions

 02:40 wfryer : any remote viewers have input for this list you want us to share?

 02:40 sharonbetts : my battery hitting low also - can't wait for my new MCI wind with at least 6 hours

 02:40 fsinfo : it's a google doc

 02:40 astevens74 : @Jackson looks like google docs

 02:40 cyndidannerkuhn : He is a gret teacher, it is clear

 02:40 cyndidannerkuhn : great

 02:41 ssandifer : @astevens74 can you tweet the url for your notes from my session again?  wasn't online earlier, saw it on my phone, and couldn't get to it...

 02:41 AngelaMaiers : What traits come out in human beings as they experience natural disasters?

 02:41 justinreeve : attachment to family

 02:41 cobannon-1 : @wfryer Winder, GA

 02:41 justinreeve : concern for the well-being of others

 02:41 GingerTPLC : good question Angela!

 02:41 justinreeve : I think generally good traits do

 02:41 AngelaMaiers : Being in Iowa this past month-there are many many traits...good and bad

 02:41 justinreeve : yeah, I think sometimes the worst comes out, too

 02:41 skydaddy-1 : depends on the culture

 02:41 LisaParisi : Yes, Angela...good question

 02:42 skydaddy-1 : looting

 02:42 skydaddy-1 : selfless sacrifice

 02:42 cobannon-1 : Chat stuck - sorry if I posted same thing twice

 02:42 AngelaMaiers : Another layer...personal traits AND community traits

 02:42 astevens74 : @sandifer just tweeted the notes

 02:42 GingerTPLC : *not caring about the temperature.

 02:43 wfryer : how awesome to focus on these issues and questions at a TECHNOLOGY conference by a campus PRINCIPAL

 02:43 skydaddy-1 : skills, content - how about attitude?

 02:43 wfryer : @skydaddy-1 yes attitude is certainly key

 02:43 rrmurry : I was just thinking the same thing Wes

 02:43 ssandifer : @wfryer I absolutely agree

 02:43 sharonbetts : you said it - wouldn't it be great if we had more admins

 02:43 loonyhiker-1 : @wfryer more advanced than most principals

 02:43 mrsdurff : is ISTE demonstrating a good learning environment with the A/C and wifi?

 02:43 rrmurry : he needs a national admin audience and do this same lesson.

 02:43 AngelaMaiers : they need anthropology, sociology, and pshychology

 02:44 ssandifer : I wish more pHe's such a great model

 02:44 sharonbetts : exactly - wonder if I can show this at an admin mtg

 02:44 AngelaMaiers : They need critical and analytical skills to decifer the "stats" reported

 02:44 skydaddy-1 : but give them examples, examples, examples, and let them induce the facts

 02:44 ssandifer : Yes -- Chris needs to take this to ASCD & NASSP (he and I have discussed this and he knows it)

 02:44 wfryer : @loonyhiker-1 yes, certainly

 02:44 skydaddy-1 : don't have a lesson on mam-readomg

 02:44 wfryer : @ssandifer I agree!

 02:44 cyndidannerkuhn : I love that he is talking about real learning and not testing and NCLB

 02:45 skydaddy-1 : map-reading, sry

 02:45 rrmurry : interpret the charts

 02:45 AngelaMaiers : @ssandifer and @wfryer - also IRA...it is not a technology issue alone...it is a literacy issue

 02:45 skydaddy-1 : evaluate informatino sources...

 02:45 ustreamer-21483 : people, communication skills to get it across to others

 02:45 Jackson224 : work in teams

 02:45 jeffmason : amen @rrmurry

 02:45 sharonbetts : we are working on ascd technology threads

 02:45 ustreamer-68463 : cool that the real learning will translate to tests and nlcb

 02:46 loonyhiker-1 : i love that he is not just talking about tech but about applying it

 02:46 ssandifer : @angelamaiers I agree

 02:46 GingerTPLC : In this process, I've always found those first questions to be the toughest. Especially doing it by myself.

 02:46 cyndidannerkuhn : Wes & Chris: thanks for streaming this!

 02:46 LisaParisi : @cyndi  NCLB?  I have almost forgotten what that is. ;)

 02:46 wfryer : @lloonyhiker-1 i agree 100%. That makes this the BEST session i've seen at NECC this year

 02:46 AngelaMaiers : @loonyhiker - AMEN! It is a "talk" thing not a tech thing!

 02:46 sharonbetts : yes thanks for the back channel and stream

 02:46 LisaParisi : @ginger Imagine if you weren't doing it yourself

 02:46 wfryer : (and of course the fact that Chris is talking about "the right" pedagogy...

 02:46 ssandifer : you can remove the tools and what chris is saying is still important -- so many schools don't even have the pedagogy right yet...

 02:46 rrmurry : @looneyhiker.  he is making the technology ubiquitus.

 02:46 GingerTPLC : @cmahoney So glad you're with me!!!

 02:47 ssandifer : @wfryer yes -- exactly

 02:47 wfryer : Chris is teaching all of us. How cool is this. But not just cool. How POWERFUL.

 02:47 sharonbetts : nicely done

 02:47 wfryer : @cyndi you are most welcome of course!

 02:47 ssandifer : How many principals could get up and model effective faciliation?

 02:47 GingerTPLC : I also have been working with 2 other charter schools to bring them along and to steal their help!

 02:47 ssandifer : Seriously -- how many?

 02:47 wfryer : this is going to be one to keep and share far and wide, i think

 02:47 wfryer : (a preso)

 02:47 spillarke : intgrate, authenticate, connect, enrich...standards as a foundation, technology as tools to bring learners where you want them to be--great stuff

 02:48 scmorgan : I just sent the link to one of our admins. He logged in to watch.

 02:48 cmahoney : Exactly

 02:48 skydaddy-1 : hi, scmorgan's admin!

 02:48 spillarke : wish my principal wasn't at an SLC con in Boston this week

 02:48 GingerTPLC : LOVE having the permission to not cover everything. I've been feeling so guilty

 02:48 wfryer : @scmorgan very cool!

 02:48 scmorgan : :)

 02:48 sharonbetts : great scmorgan -

 02:48 ssandifer : @wfyer will you be archiving the chat?  I missed some of it b/c of wifi problems

 02:48 skydaddy-1 : wes - do some significant post-production.  marry the audio tot he googledocs history

 02:48 rrmurry : way to go SCmorgan and admin =)

 02:49 ustreamer-21483 : communication - getting involved - that's what matters

 02:49 cmahoney : There have been some great things going on in Iowa with student volunteers

 02:49 wfryer : @ssandifer yes I'll be glad to archive the chat too-- haven't done that yet, but i'll figure it out!

 02:49 AngelaMaiers : Group of students in Iowa just created and are selling, marketing, T-shirts w/all profits going to Flood and Tornado relief to local town

 02:49 wfryer : make it local, i love that

 02:49 rrmurry : thanks Wes.

 02:49 spillarke : oh what about having students create a volunteer training program specific to a school if it should open as a shelter?

 02:49 Jackson224 : I see this as a great collaborative project between teams in different locations

 02:49 skydaddy-1 : wes - copy/paste the chat

 02:49 tsakshaug : Give 'em a Test

 02:50 skydaddy-1 : 70-minute Blue Book essay, right?

 02:50 loonyhiker-1 : i love all this brainstorming ideas too

 02:50 AngelaMaiers : Make a diarama???? Just kidding!

 02:50 sharonbetts : these are such exciting ideas - makes me want to start the project

 02:50 jeffmason : get on the local emergency planning committee

 02:50 wfryer : @skydaddy-1 oh that will work!

 02:50 skydaddy-1 : Angela - my kids would submit a cake pan filled with water and call it a flood.

 02:50 spillarke : complete w/ audio/video how to, embeded, authentic writing, etc.

 02:50 GingerTPLC : @Angela Did you just say diarhea?!

 02:50 AngelaMaiers : It is all about authenticity, connections, and real life learning!

 02:50 rrmurry : Our town had Katrina refugees.  What about a video interview for YouTube.

 02:51 skydaddy-1 : diorama

 02:51 loonyhiker-1 : @sharonbetts i know what you mean - totally motivated and inspired

 02:51 spillarke : @AngelaMaiers yes! ... why did I just lose my vid stream?

 02:51 AngelaMaiers : @GingerTPLC- diorama...my excitement has me typing sooo fast!

 02:51 ustreamer-23604 : So many choices...for so many different learning styles!

 02:51 CSouthard : I love the fact that we can all turn f2f and giggle @ginger

 02:51 skydaddy-1 : set upa  twitter/google maps mashup

 02:51 wfryer : @AngelaMaiers absolutely!

 02:51 sharonbetts : wanna take this group with me -

 02:52 wfryer : the vid stream is still going...

 02:52 GingerTPLC : @Angela--sorry, was making a joke. I'll get refocused.

 02:52 loonyhiker-1 : @csouthard i'm not f2f but i was giggling too lol

 02:52 wfryer : @sharonbetts but isn't the beauty of this that we ARE all still together?!

 02:52 spillarke : service learning/ PBL love it

 02:52 AngelaMaiers : Just imagine if learning like this happened in every classroom-we would need no laws!

 02:52 cmahoney : metacognative empathy, thinking of other groups of people in these situations

 02:52 CSouthard : Hi @loonyhiker :)

 02:52 sharonbetts : yes - wouldn't it be great to plan projects via wikis with this type of input

 02:52 cyndidannerkuhn : He needs to speak to Congress!!

 02:52 skydaddy-1 : w00t!

 02:53 spillarke : I wish school were real life!!

 02:53 scmorgan : I want to be on this team working on this project!

 02:53 loonyhiker-1 : @csouthard but knowing i met u f2f, helps me giggle w/ u

 02:53 spillarke : but we can make it so

 02:53 spillarke : @scmorgan me too

 02:53 sharonbetts : Angela - it would be fabulous

 02:53 rrmurry : Kids are not the future...they are TODAY.  School can then become real life

 02:53 wfryer : @cyndi we need to amplify ideas like these and leaders like Chris TO Congress and our local leaders

 02:53 cmahoney : school can be real life

 02:53 wfryer : local change agenda, state change agenda, national change agenda

 02:53 karlfisch : I think Chris needs to run for Congress

 02:53 AngelaMaiers : We talk about lifelong learning, but it still rhetoric in so many schools. This makes it concrete and possible!

 02:53 cyndidannerkuhn : Yes we do, we need a louder voice!!

 02:53 wfryer : it all begins with ideas and leadership

 02:53 karlfisch : Except I don't want to lose him as a Principal

 02:53 spillarke : @cmahoney...yes it can, I wish more things like this happened in MOST classrooms

 02:54 loonyhiker-1 : @wfryer been workin w/ my state senator - got him online, doing a blog, settin up wifi in his home soon

 02:54 wfryer : @karlfisch RIGHT!

 02:54 AngelaMaiers : @karlfisch - I would vote for him!!!

 02:54 karlfisch : lehmannforcongress.wikispaces.com?

 02:54 spillarke : we need more principals like him

 02:54 sharonbetts : got my vote

 02:54 CSouthard : Scaffolding is KEY!

 02:54 mrsdurff : who had the brilliant idea to have lehman and snbeach with willrich present at the same time?

 02:54 GingerTPLC : Wouldn't want to take away his power to change. Congress is too ineffective

 02:54 skydaddy-1 : CSouthard - RIGHT!!!

 02:54 loonyhiker-1 : hear hear for scaffolding

 02:54 wfryer : we all need to be thinking and the political implications of this. but it all begins and is carried forward by conversations.

 02:54 rrmurry : Good on CSouthard beat him by 2 seconds

 02:55 wfryer : influence = leadership

 02:55 cmahoney : with this kind of connectivity in this group, we can let our agenda be known

 02:55 sharonbetts : blogging is joining the email ranks - twitter and back channels are now my favs

 02:55 wfryer : @cmahoney YES

 02:55 cyndidannerkuhn : How many people in audience?

 02:55 CSouthard : I would love to work on this project w/ multiple schools

 02:55 spillarke : yes guiding... quite opposite from just assigning

 02:55 wfryer : so someone should create this project and do it, and invite others to join

 02:55 spillarke : i'm virtually there : )

 02:55 cmahoney : power in numbers and the wisdom of crowds

 02:55 CSouthard : and communication via skype between students and community leaders and people in the community

 02:55 sharonbetts : @Csouthard - great idea - put it out for volunteers

 02:55 AngelaMaiers : Teachers need the scaffolding first-if they saw how this can be done and it really is not about the technology..I think they would be more open and willing to try! They are still sooo scared

 02:55 jeffmason : SLA seems to promote teacher collaboration. Imagine that!

 02:55 skydaddy-1 : modeling...evangelizing...viral professional development

 02:55 sharonbetts : imagine

 02:55 wfryer : @cyndi the f2f audience is over 200

 02:56 cyndidannerkuhn : cool

 02:56 spillarke : hurricanes, florida, high school as shelter... that's my world at school

 02:56 karlfisch : clap clap

 02:56 CSouthard : Yeah!  Claps

 02:56 skydaddy-1 : and you can do a lot - a LOT  - without "high tech"

 02:56 GingerTPLC : Thanks chris and SLA folks!

 02:56 spillarke : thank you thank you!!

 02:56 loonyhiker-1 : applaud applaud

 02:56 skydaddy-1 : http://www2.lakelandcc.edu/dl/pods/hist1903_interview3.mp3

 02:56 Jackson224 : Wes, Thanks very much for streaming this. 

 02:56 jcbleif : thanks, Wes!!

 02:56 scmorgan : Thanks Wes...and all

 02:56 mrsdurff : clap clap

 02:56 wfryer : will be archived on ustream.tv/wfryer

 02:56 skydaddy-1 : excellent talk!

 02:56 rrmurry : Great job Wes.  Thanks to Chris. 

 02:56 ustreamer-23604 : Thanks Chris!

 02:56 cobannon-1 : Great session!

 02:56 cyndidannerkuhn : thank you, excellent, thank you

 02:56 wfryer : and i'll post to speedofcreativity.org

 02:56 AngelaMaiers : Absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you!!!

 02:56 jeffmason : thanks wes

 02:56 ustreamer-23604 : Thanks for streaming, Wes!

 02:56 loonyhiker-1 : thank u @wfryer for doing this

 02:56 mrsdurff : ty wes for streaming

 02:56 skydaddy-1 : tell Chris to come over and wave to us

 02:56 Jackson224 : Chris' last name?

 02:56 skydaddy-1 : wes, thanks - great job

 02:56 rrmurry : lehman

 02:56 ustreamer-23604 : I can't wait to share this with my district!!

 02:56 GingerTPLC : Lehmann

 02:56 Jackson224 : thanks

 02:56 AngelaMaiers : @wfryer - thanks! This one is a keeper!

 02:56 GingerTPLC : Chris Lehmann

 02:56 jcbleif : I will be sharing with my principal

 02:56 skydaddy-1 : chrislehmann on twitter

 02:56 cyndidannerkuhn : Ginger, do you iChat?

 02:57 ustreamer-270 : Will this be archived?

 02:57 loonyhiker-1 : someone needs to come up with we love chris lehmann buttons lol

 02:57 GingerTPLC : yes, I do, but yo u can find me better on Skype: GingerTPLC

 02:57 cyndidannerkuhn : ok

 02:57 GingerTPLC : u?

 02:57 cyndidannerkuhn : mine is cyndidannerkuhn for both

 02:57 skydaddy-1 : I'm skydaddy on twitter

 02:57 cyndidannerkuhn : .mac

 02:57 cobannon-1 : @rrmurry Check your PM

 02:58 GingerTPLC : gotcha. We're on.  I think I'm GingerLewman (.mac) on ichat. Not sure. Wes is using my computer to stream. I'm on a loaner now

 02:58 skydaddy-1 : Ginger - u on twitter?

 02:58 cyndidannerkuhn : k

 02:59 AngelaMaiers : @GingerTPLC - where do you teach>

 02:59 GingerTPLC : @skydaddy yes, when it's up. I'm gingertplc, but I'm on Plurk too as the same

 02:59 wfryer : ok this is archived and i also sent it directly to YouTube from Ustream - didn't know that was possible. Cool.

 02:59 GingerTPLC : I teach in emporia ks, turning point learning center

 02:59 loonyhiker-1 : @wfryer u r SO talented! thanks!

 02:59 skydaddy-1 : wes - awesome!

 02:59 AngelaMaiers : @wfryer - very cool!

 02:59 jcbleif : @wfryer,  do you know where the chat will be yet?

 03:00 GingerTPLC : ok--gotta go!  Thanks, all, for the good backchannel!

 03:00 wfryer : we are going to record live responses to this now, on this same channel

 03:00 wfryer : but outside this room

 03:00 skydaddy-1 : the fail whale is flying again...

 03:00 jcbleif : awesome

 03:01 rrmurry : Too cool Wes

 03:01 rrmurry : See you in the hallway

 03:02 jcbleif : @wfryer: what are you using for this stream - you have it listed anywhere?

 03:02 skydaddy-1 : let's keep the conversation going after we climb down from the mountaintop...

 03:03 skydaddy-1 : wes - turn  the laptop around so we can see where we're going... ;-p

 03:03 AngelaMaiers : Great view!

 03:03 cobannon-1 : Yikes - loud!

 03:04 AngelaMaiers : @skydaddy - 1 where are you from?

 03:04 rrmurry : It's the ocean =)

 03:04 cobannon-1 : LOL!

 03:04 loonyhiker-1 : looks like a mug shot lol

 03:04 skydaddy-1 : Cleveland - trying to follow you on twitter

 03:04 AngelaMaiers : sounds like the surf!

 03:04 nhill : you all look great!

 03:04 rrmurry : Tell us who you are

 03:04 rrmurry : Hi Ginger Hi Charlie

 03:04 skydaddy-1 : howdy!

 03:05 cobannon-1 : Hi Ginger!! Been following her on Plurk a lot!

 03:05 loonyhiker-1 : i love matching faces to names! :)

 03:05 wfryer : is the audio ok? lots of background noise here

 03:05 cobannon-1 : Me too

 03:05 jcbleif : yes I can hear fine

 03:05 loonyhiker-1 : she is coming in clear over bkgd noise

 03:05 rrmurry : It's acceptable Wes

 03:05 cobannon-1 : I can hear her.

 03:05 chriswherley : can hear fine. but yes background noise

 03:05 skydaddy-1 : it's ok

 03:06 skydaddy-1 : duct tape and baling wire - heh

 03:06 jcbleif : yeah I'd be one of those duct-tape schools

 03:06 rrmurry : Duct tape and bailing wire is like the eudpunk thing

 03:06 Jackson224 : Introduce self and location?

 03:06 skydaddy-1 : rrmurry - eduFOLK, not edupunk.

 03:06 rrmurry : Hi Ted Hi Dean

 03:07 loonyhiker-1 : hate to run cuz i'm enjoying this so much but i gotta go start dinner

 03:07 skydaddy-1 : need to know that chairs are usefu;

 03:07 skydaddy-1 : see ya lonney!

 03:07 Jackson224 : SLA is acronym for?

 03:07 justinreeve : ah NICE

 03:07 AngelaMaiers : See you Pat!

 03:07 skydaddy-1 : Science Leadership academy

 03:07 justinreeve : I just managed to convince our tech coordinator to let us stream all our presentations at our tech conference this August

 03:07 rrmurry : UbD was big with us 5 years ago, and now we have someone wanting to get rid of the training in our system.  Yikes.

 03:08 Jackson224 : thanks...the name of his school?

 03:08 justinreeve : http://brainblast.weber.k12.ut.us  <-- our local district tech conference

 03:08 justinreeve : now I'm excited

 03:08 rrmurry : Hi Wes!  You look Mahvalous

 03:08 justinreeve : omg I gotta tweet this ;)

 03:08 Jackson224 : It's great for those of us who cannot attend...thanks

 03:09 nhill : for those of us that could not be there..we thank you for streaming!!!

 03:09 cobannon-1 : Yes, thank you sooooo much!

 03:09 justinreeve : yeah it is.  Actually it's ONLY for our own district employees.

 03:09 justinreeve : so this'll be sweet

 03:09 BarbNebraska : Hey! They are my Twitter friends!

 03:09 rrmurry : Hi Lisa and Christina (I think)

 03:09 justinreeve : see, this is what every school conference should do.  Just plan for streaming.

 03:09 skydaddy-1 : justin - rock their socks!

 03:09 justinreeve : no need to make the attendees do it

 03:09 cobannon-1 : Hopefully we can get our state conference ready for streaming.

 03:10 BarbNebraska : @angela, Hi!

 03:10 rrmurry : Amen cobannon

 03:10 justinreeve : what would be the best way?  Ustream, Mogulus, something else?

 03:10 cobannon-1 : Haven't tried Mogulus yet.

 03:10 skydaddy-1 : ustream apparently can sent it straight to youTube

 03:10 rrmurry : have the ladies speak a little louder

 03:11 justinreeve : problem is, we won't have webcams available in each room, so it'll just been screen video capture

 03:11 skydaddy-1 : justin - webcams are cheap

 03:11 justinreeve : we have our own media sharing site set up: http://www.webertube.com which we'll be launching this summer

 03:11 skydaddy-1 : webertube - love it!

 03:11 justinreeve : no need for YouTube :)

 03:11 cobannon-1 : YES!! Polycom I have a polycom system down the hall!

 03:12 BarbNebraska : Hi Kansas Neighbor!

 03:12 cobannon-1 : We need Internet 2 to broadcast this out in HD

 03:12 justinreeve : how could I use uStream for a direct screen capture?

 03:12 skydaddy-1 : justin - you and ginger should talk, it sounds like'

 03:12 wfryer : if any one has questions for chris, i'll ask him to answer

 03:12 justinreeve : has Ginger done this before?

 03:13 wfryer : (this is ginger)

 03:13 Jackson224 : Hi Chris..thanks for sharing your thought processes

 03:13 rrmurry : Yeah Chris.  Nicely done.  Do you ever do this kind of thing with admins?

 03:13 skydaddy-1 : she's doing it now, she just said

 03:13 justinreeve : oh hi Ginger

 03:13 cobannon-1 : He needs to come to GAETC!

 03:13 justinreeve : how have you implemented this before?

 03:13 nhill : will this be archived for later viewing?

 03:13 justinreeve : we'

 03:13 wfryer : load up questions for him

 03:13 rrmurry : Thank you Wes for the question

 03:14 cobannon-1 : Excellent question!

 03:14 wfryer : @nhill yes, this is archived

 03:14 skydaddy-1 : Chris, what's the one thing us worker bees can do to push this forward here at home?

 03:14 wfryer : will have wes tell  you where

 03:14 chriswherley : too bad I missed it but will catch it on the archive.

 03:14 rrmurry : Chris what do you think is the best approach for teachers to get admins to buy in to what you are talking about.

 03:15 rrmurry : Is it parents, school boards, or what.

 03:15 justinreeve : no, school boards won't always be on your side

 03:15 justinreeve : get parents

 03:15 rrmurry : This is based on the conversation Bud and I had in the chat

 03:15 justinreeve : TECH-SAVVY parents

 03:15 cobannon-1 : Is he going to T&L in Seattle? My superintendent and Asst.Super of Curriculum will be there.

 03:15 Jackson224 : number of students?  staff? 

 03:16 rrmurry : Thanks

 03:16 justinreeve : the ones who are aware of the latest technologies out there, and will back you up and are willing to write nasty letters to the school administration when things aren't going the way they want

 03:16 skydaddy-1 : thanks

 03:16 justinreeve : this is actually one good thing about charter schools.  The school board ARE the parents.

 03:17 justinreeve : you don't have two groups of people to convince.  Just one.

 03:17 skydaddy-1 : and it's not the new technology, it's the new pedagogy

 03:17 rrmurry : UbD to get tech in the classroom.  Cool. 

 03:17 chriswherley : willing to risk and change

 03:17 cobannon-1 : I wish we would adopt UBD here. We're learning focused schools, which is  a step away from it.

 03:17 cobannon-1 : Drat it! Thanks for asking!

 03:17 wfryer : oh!  I'll ask about students/staff. Sorry

 03:18 ustreamer-23604 : @cobannon-1   We're LFS also. What do you see as the biggest difference from UbD?

 03:18 skydaddy-1 : great session, great backchannel, great followup

 03:18 wfryer : i'll type it here

 03:18 jcbleif : thanks Chris

 03:18 chriswherley : thanks for sharing

 03:18 Jackson224 : thanks...

 03:18 cobannon-1 : I think many LFS get lazy with it. They don't begin with the "end' in mind so much as utilizing the strategies.

 03:18 AngelaMaiers : It was great to be apart of the discussion-still wish i was there live! Good stuff!

 03:19 rrmurry : Thanks Chris, thanks Wes, thanks to the typist working as wfryer.  Best session I've been to...and cost me $0

 03:19 skydaddy-1 : Angela - absolutely!  So cool that we were able to participate this way.

 03:19 ustreamer-23604 : @cobannon   Thanks. We're still new to LFS and seem to be doing it right so far...very close to UbD.

 03:19 cobannon-1 : Thank you so much everyone who was responsible!!

 03:19 skydaddy-1 : wes - tag it as awesome

 03:19 Jackson224 : bye from Boston

 03:19 wfryer : you are all welcome! :)

 03:19 wfryer : bye

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