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 Video and Presentation Responses (Humble ISD 6-6-07)


Did You Know Video

# of hits on MySpace !

What time of the day are kids visiting myspace ?

# of Google questions

Preparing for jobs that don't exist

3000 books a day are published?!

More Chinese honors kids than US kids

Continuously be learners!

How do we train for the future?

How do we make sure our kids can handle the technology?

Things have to change in the classroom! (the style of instruction)

Have to hire different thinkers, get teachers who will USE the technology

many classrooms need to be busy

Teacher and Administrator Movie, UthTV and Perspectives on Blogging

Lots of negative publicity: There are a lot of positive things that can be done with these tools

we have an opportunity and an obligation to show kids how to use the tools in beneficial ways

As adults not into this, there is SO MUCH Available out there we don't know about


You really need to open up to the possibilities

We talk a good game, but do we really allow students the access they need

there is LOTS of knowledge out there

Kids are creating history online NOW

Kids are creating a digital record of their learning

ACCESS: are we allowing kids to use the technology

If we are preparing kids for jobs they don't exist, how do we do that?

we need to look at how we are preparing kids

Guidelines are good but we need to let kids be creative: give tools and resources

Part of fear is that we won't set the appropriate guidelines, what will happen if kids do something they shouldn't?

As a parent, you are scared to death by all the bad publicity

FEAR factor: having administration and teachers being able to let go and empower the kids

Fearing a lack of control is BIG, getting comfortable that if the teacher doesn't know everything about a software program that can be ok, the kids will help

The library: we expect a quiet place (library is a great place for kids to communicate and express themselves)

oral communication comes before writing, getting kids to talk about what they are writing more often is good

Question: Would be nice to see this modeled in the classroom, where can we see that?

differentiated instruction: what impact could this have on it, moving to a heterogeneous rather than homogeneous environment. How do we differentiate instruction?

Challenge of helping teachers who are not all on the same page

The power is there and it could be a great tool, key is appropriateness

It is about more than opening minds for administrators, also about opening minds of parents and teachers

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