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Page history last edited by Wesley Fryer 11 years, 6 months ago

 Text Chat from Jim Stovall videoconference about "The Ultimate Gift"


An archived video of this session is available on Ustream.


 10:46 Tech2 : same here justin

 10:46 greatnews : tell us again where this class is being streamed in from

 10:46 Tech2 : the most I had in school was a TI-82 in high school

 10:46 justinreeve : yeah

 10:46 justinreeve : and Apple IIes in junior high

 10:46 Tech2 : no smart rooms, computers, etc

 10:46 justinreeve : Many, many fond memories of Oregon Trail and Number Munchers

 10:47 Tech2 : haha, same here!

 10:48 Tech2 : my age = 28

 10:48 justinreeve : I'm 29

 10:48 justinreeve : @Tech2, where are you at?

 10:48 wfryer-1 : well this is a nice answer, but I wanted to hear her STUDENTS talk about this question / answer it...

 10:49 justinreeve : I'm in Utah

 10:49 Tech2 : I am in OKC at the conf. right now... I currently live in Altus, OK

 10:49 justinreeve : okay

 10:50 justinreeve : are you a teacher, administrator...?

 10:50 Tech2 : IT

 10:50 justinreeve : nice, same here

 10:50 justinreeve : which school/district?

 10:50 justinreeve : Weber School District here

 10:50 Tech2 : Western Oklahoma State College

 10:51 justinreeve : very cool

 10:51 greatnews : I agree Wes. I was hoping to hear the student response to your question.

 10:51 wfryer-1 : I wish people would ask questions for the students to answer

 10:51 greatnews : interesting question--I wonder if the teachers could even answer that question :-)

 10:52 justinreeve : You could set that all up for free, really

 10:52 wfryer-1 : but is the cost of this as important to talk about compared to the learning of the students?

 10:52 justinreeve : well, the software at least

 10:52 wfryer-1 : @justinreeve right

 10:52 justinreeve : Yeah, that was an odd question, I thought

 10:52 justinreeve : That's something you ask AFTERward

 10:52 justinreeve : hehe

 10:52 wfryer-1 : do you all have any questions I can give voice to?

 10:53 wfryer-1 : please say your location too

 10:53 Tech2 : Good idea Fryer

 10:53 wfryer-1 : questions for the students?

 10:53 Tech2 : anyone?

 10:54 greatnews : I'd be interested to know if the students have any ideas for sharing their book discussion more globally--like blog, wiki, CoverItLive? Phoenix AZ

 10:54 Tech2 : good question!

 10:54 wfryer-1 : @greatnews ok I'll ask that

 10:55 humbleit : that is AWESOME!

 10:56 Tech2 : cant wait for the 2nd book!

 10:56 greatnews : he really knows what it takes for an author to create a powerful book--it's all about "storytelling" :-)

 10:58 greatnews : the values he communicates in his book are so valuable!

 10:58 justinreeve : now I really want to read it/see the movie

 10:58 Tech2 : hehe

 10:59 JLWagner : book title please???

 10:59 justinreeve : The Ultimate Gift

 11:00 wfryer-1 : by Jim Stovall,

 11:00 wfryer-1 : and this is Jim

 11:00 JLWagner : and the lady is??

 11:00 greatnews : really like that point--sometimes we have to make the best of the way things turn out--not always a happy ending.

 11:01 wfryer-1 : I really hope she'll let the STUDENTS answer this question

 11:01 Tech2 : She is a high school teacher with 9 kids there

 11:01 justinreeve : hahaha

 11:01 greatnews : me too!

 11:02 wfryer-1 : I am much less interested in her opinion on this, and much more interested in what her kids could say on this

 11:02 justinreeve : this is too much of a sales pitch :(

 11:02 wfryer-1 : oh good

 11:02 Tech2 : I wish she could see what we are typing

 11:02 Tech2 : oo

 11:02 Tech2 : maybe she is?

 11:02 Tech2 : :)

 11:02 wfryer-1 : @justinreeve right, she needs to get OUT of the way

 11:02 JLWagner : looks like I just found a book to read and a movie to watch  :)

 11:02 justinreeve : hahahaha

 11:02 wfryer-1 : So this is Elaine with Polycom

 11:03 wfryer-1 : I really wish she'd have let the KIDS answer the last two questions I asked, which were specifically directed FOR the kids

 11:03 justinreeve : she answered the question for everyone...

 11:03 justinreeve : what else can we ask the kids?

 11:03 Tech2 : what happened to "im going to let the kids answer"

 11:03 greatnews : are the students blogging in any of their classes or only as part of the polycom authors?

 11:03 wfryer-1 : @justinreeve yes, but a big purpose of this phase of the videoconference is SUPPOSEDLY to give the students voice

 11:04 wfryer-1 : @tech2 exactly. poor modeling of that professed goal.

 11:04 justinreeve : She did give them a voice.  It just happened to be her voice.

 11:04 wfryer-1 : I'm glad we're mixing in questions for Jim too tho

 11:05 Tech2 : oh! that is the instructor... then why is the other lady talking so much?

 11:05 JLWagner : justin -- your last comment is worth a tweet!!  WOW

 11:05 wfryer-1 : "I know NCLB is a naughty word."

 11:05 justinreeve : er

 11:06 wfryer-1 : This is a videoconference sponsored by Polycom so we are getting some Polycom advertising here

 11:06 justinreeve : well, I guess I have no problem with that.  Just don't want it to get back to her, and offend her.

 11:06 justinreeve : yeah.  Guess that's just expected.

 11:06 JLWagner : :)  but very true

 11:06 JLWagner : why was this book chosen -- was it the content or the author??

 11:06 JLWagner : or both??

 11:06 justinreeve : That does seem like a common attitude with some teachers I know.  "My students are welcome to have a voice, as long as it doesn't conflict with MY voice."

 11:06 wfryer-1 : At this phase of the videoconference, all the adults need to follow the mantra, "Less us. More them." (them = students)

 11:07 Tech2 : She is a great teacher!

 11:07 JLWagner : they are all in the same room?  correct??

 11:08 greatnews : same room but not at the conference

 11:09 wfryer-1 : the students are there with Jim Stovall, yes

 11:09 justinreeve : We should ask them to Skype with someone over there with Jim.  Then we'd be watching a videochat of a videochat of a videochat of a video stream.

 11:09 wfryer-1 : But we have an audience here in Oklahoma City too. They are in Sand Springs, OK I think

 11:09 Tech2 : ha

 11:10 wfryer-1 : @justinreeve that might be a bit distracting... :-)

 11:10 greatnews : awesome! great tribute to the student stories!

 11:11 Tech2 : must be a small room, HD camera's have a large visible area... we should be seeing more of everyone

 11:11 JLWagner : thank you for sharing this with us

 11:11 greatnews : very inspiring session!!!

 11:12 JLWagner : is he working on a new book?

 11:13 JLWagner : hello Wes

 11:13 greatnews : yes-he mentions it earlier in this session. We can go back and review this archived session :-)

 11:13 JLWagner : imagine first discussing a book with the author and then watching the movie with the author

 11:13 JLWagner : how cool is that

 11:14 greatnews : Jim has a wonderful way of relating to students! A great model for us!

 11:15 Tech2 : I am going to wiki  Jim and find his new book

 11:15 JLWagner : enjoy your day everyone!!!

 11:15 Tech2 : have a great day everyone!

 11:15 Tech2 : low batt means I am out!

 11:16 wfryer-1 : amazing

 11:16 justinreeve : Thanks for streaming this, Wes

 11:17 greatnews : Why do all of these "free" wonderful opportunities end up costing me money?? just kidding of course but I bought both the audible book and the DVD while watching this session. :-) Definitely not complaining!

 11:17 wfryer : you are welcome! I'm posting the link now

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