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Grant Opportunities for Schools

General Opportunities / Sources

The following are several grant opportunities for schools which can connect to digital literacy and educational technology use:

  1. Tandberg Grant Services - Tandberg is a videoconferencing equipment vendor and works directly with schools to write and secure educational grants which include collaborative elements including videoconferencing
  2. Polycom Grant Assistance Program - Polycom is a videoconferencing equipment provider and also works with schools to secure educational grant assistance for initiatives including videoconferencing
  3. Grants.gov is a U.S. federal clearinghouse wesites for federal grants, including grants for schools
  4. My social bookmarks for educational grants

Oklahoma-specific grant sources

  1. Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust - funds OK-ACTS grants administered by the K-20 Center at OU
  2. Grant Opportunities for Oklahoma Schools from the OK Dept of Education
  3. Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence


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