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Page history last edited by Wesley Fryer 13 years, 4 months ago

If you are interested in booking me (Wesley Fryer) for a presentation or workshop (either face-to-face or over video) please visit my Speaking page on www.speedofcreativity.org/speaking.


Update 25 August 2010:

In 2010 I am transitioning to the website wiki.wesfryer.com for my handout and presentation/workshop links. I'm not taking content here on PBworks offline, but I have added this "update header" to all my pages as well as adding direct links to more updated versions of these pages as I mirror them / create them on wiki.wesfryer.com. There are 146 pages here on teachdigital.pbworks.com. - You can browse these in page view in addition to using the four category links provided on the homepage. Note this wiki was previously mapped to "handouts.wesfryer.com" but that domain mapping is no longer available.


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Getting Started with Blended Learning


In this full day workshop, we'll learn more about blended learning and how to both publish recorded audio online and create an online learning portal. (All for free!)


This workshop will be shared in Newkirk, Oklahoma, on 10 August 2009. Our handout is available as a 8 page PDF file: newkirk-handout-fryer.pdf



  1. Our Newkirk Wikispaces site for today's workshop: newkirk.wikispaces.com
  2. Educational Wiki Examples
    1. Rachel Boyd's Classroom Portal (Nelson, New Zealand)
  3. Create your own free WikiSpaces Site (for teachers)
  4. http://pbworks.com
  5. http://wikispaces.com
  6. Rachel Boyd's Wiki workshop resources
    1. Wiki Examples (Rachel's links on delicious.com)
    2. Setting up your Wikispaces Wiki - Rachel Boyd.pdf


  1. Videos for PD
  2. Believe in Me (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
  3. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices Videos
  4. Kick YouTube (replace "www"  in a web link for a youtube video and substitute "kick" to download it)

Polls via SMS

  1. How many children and grandchildren do you have?
  2. Where did you grow up?
  3. What do you think of Facebook?
  4. Our survey tool: PollEverywhere (free SMS polls for less than 30 respondents)

Google Stuff

  1. My notes from the Google Teacher Academy (5 August 2009, Boulder, Colorado)
  2. Google for Educators
  3. Google Earth
  4. Google Lit Trips
  5. Google Options (including related searches, timeline, wonderwheel) - see Lucy Gray's #gtaco preso, "Just Search It" and Google Search Essentials
  6. Google Search Curriculum for schools (9 modules)
  7. Google Similar Images
  8. Google Squared
  9. Google In-Quotes
  10. Google News Timeline
  11. All Google Products
  12. Google Labs


  1. Our Hawaii 2009 photos and videos (set on Flickr)
  2. http://voicethread.com
  3. VoiceThread printed handout (linked from VoiceThread for Education wiki)
  4. VoiceThread for Education
  5. Great Book Stories project (lots of VoiceThreads!)
  6. Room 9 VoiceThreads from 2008 (Rachel Boyd, NZ)

Phonecasting (cell phone audio recording to the web)

  1. http://drop.io
  2. http://www.gcast.com
  3. http://www.gabcast.com
  4. Audacity (free)
  5. Audacity QuickStart Guide (linked from COV handouts)

Cell Phones for Learning

  1. Liz Kolb's presentation for K12Online08: "Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools"
  2. Poll Everywhere
  3. http://wiffiti.com/

Sites for Photos

  1. Flickr Creative Commons
  2. CompFight (small thumbnail results)
  3. FlickrStorm (save photos in a URL without a login)

Other Referenced Websites:

  1. http://celebrateoklahoma.us/
  2. Learning Signs (our family learning blog)
  3. Free online timer
  4. Make connections with other teachers around the world!
  5. The K-12 Online Conference (free, 140+ past presentations still available online, next one in December 2009)
  6. Unmasking the Digital Truth (project to address draconian content filtering / Internet website blocking in US schools)
  7. Storychasers
  8. Math247 Project (Math screencasts)
  9. Tux Paint (free drawing software program)

Contact / Follow Wesley online:

  1. Wesley's blog: "Moving at the Speed of Creativity"
  2. Wesley on Twitter
  3. Wesley on Facebook
  4. Wesley's contact info
  5. Wesley's websites and profile pages (claimID site)

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