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If you are interested in booking me (Wesley Fryer) for a presentation or workshop (either face-to-face or over video) please visit my Speaking page on www.speedofcreativity.org/speaking.


Update 25 August 2010:

In 2010 I am transitioning to the website wiki.wesfryer.com for my handout and presentation/workshop links. I'm not taking content here on PBworks offline, but I have added this "update header" to all my pages as well as adding direct links to more updated versions of these pages as I mirror them / create them on wiki.wesfryer.com. There are 146 pages here on teachdigital.pbworks.com. - You can browse these in page view in addition to using the four category links provided on the homepage. Note this wiki was previously mapped to "handouts.wesfryer.com" but that domain mapping is no longer available.


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Continuum of Digital Storytelling Options

Supported Platforms

Software WindowsXP WindowsME Macintosh OS X Macintosh OS 9 Linux
Audacity Yes Yes Yes No Yes
BubbleShare Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PhotoStory3 Yes No No No No
MovieMaker Yes No No No No
iMovie No No Yes Yes No

Supported Peripheral Hardware / Options

Software Microphone Other Audio Files Digital Still Camera Digital Camcorder
Audacity Yes Yes No No
BubbleShare Yes Yes Yes Yes
PhotoStory3 Yes Yes Yes No
MovieMaker Yes Yes Yes Yes
iMovie Yes Yes Yes Yes

Supported Functionality

Software Narration Background/Transition Music Still Image Import Video Import Text Titles Visual Transitions Immediately shared online
Audacity Yes Yes No No No No No
BubbleShare Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes
PhotoStory3 Yes Background Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
MovieMaker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
iMovie Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No


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