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Update 25 August 2010:

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CCC in the 21C: Create, Communicate, Collaborate


U.S. educators in the early twenty-first century face formidable challenges, but are blessed with access to unprecedented tools and opportunities for blended (digital / face-to-face) learning. As educators we must help our students master content area knowledge and skills, but also develop important 21st century literacy skills not measured on traditional, multiple-choice examinations. How can we effectively enable students and teachers to meet mandated learning requirements and simultaneously encourage the development of 21st century skills? A focus on the three C's of 21st century learning offers a compelling way forward: focusing on creating, communicating, and collaborating within a context of project based learning. Let's explore practical ways students and teachers are using digital tools to create, communicate and collaborate together, reaching new heights of student achievement and documentable learning. 


Session Resources for TIC TAK Conference, Tonganoxie, Kansas - 13 Nov 2009

  1. Presentation Slides (3.3 MB)
  2. Google Lit Trips
  3. The Maine Netbook Consortium Wiki
  4. Open 1:1 (Maine Nonprofit for Netbook / Open Source 1:1 Learning, has free Ubuntu image with 100+ free educational apps)

Session Resources for 1:1 Institute, Chicago - 9 Nov 2009

  1. Presentation Slides (3 MB)
  2. Conference Chatzy Room (password shared during preso, in slides)
  3. Our Poll EveryWhere survey on 1:1 contexts: Live Survey version and Web Voting version
  4. Videos for Professional Development (from Moving at the Speed of Creativity)
  5. Harm de Blij, author of "The Power of Place: Geography, Destiny, and Globalization's Rough Landscape"

Session Resources for 21st Century Learning @ Hangzhou, P. R. China - 1 Nov 2009

  1. Presentation Slides (2.5 MB)
  2. The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version) - video on YouTube
  3. CREATING & CONNECTING: Research and Guidelines on Online Social — and Educational — Networking by The National School Boards Association (PDF)
  4. Many resources listed below from previous versions of this preso were also included in this session.

Session Resources from KATE 2009 - 22 Oct 2009

  1. Presentation Slides (2.8 MB PDF)
  2. Brad Paisley - Welcome To The Future (YouTube)
  3. NCTE Framework for 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment
  4. Contxts (free SMS business card)
  5. PollEverywhere (free SMS polling) - our KATE polls and results
  6. Google Lit Trips by Gerome Burg
  7. Tell a Story with 5 Photos for Educators (Flickr group)
  8. Video "Innocence Lost" by Andrea Sealock (from Celebrate Oklahoma Voices by Storychasers)
  9. VoiceThread by Rachel: "The Gingerbread Baby" - added to the wiki project Great Book Stories
  10. Voicethread 4 Education wiki
  11. Bill Ferriter's "Using Voicethread for Digital Conversations" (includes printable handouts)
  12. VoiceThread for Education
  13. Links to Classroom Blogs on Support Blogging
  14. SCC English blog (Dublin, Ireland)
  15. Many resources listed below from previous versions of this preso were also included in this session. 

Session Resources from 21C @ Hong Kong - 18 Sep 2009

  1. Presentation Slides (1.7 MB PDF)
  2. ACCESS THE #HK21C CHATZY BACKCHANNEL USING THIS LINK - Thursday's backchannel chatzy is available

  3. Videos:

    1. Inclusion (Brian Crosby - "The Why’s and Wherefores" from K12Online07)
    2. Sarah's Response to President Obama's Speech to Students (my post, "Criteria for moderating comments on a viral video")
    3. A Day to Remember (Celebrate Oklahoma Voices video by Renee Hall)
    4. I Need My Teachers to Learn (Kevin Honeycutt)
  4. "Generation NOW" by the Black Eyed Peas (Warning: There is some profanity in this song)
  5. East Dragon Den post on President Obama's speech (5th graders, Littleton, Colorado)
  6. The K-12 Online Conference
  7. Storychasers
  8. Creative Oklahoma
  9. Marco Torres (coined the phrase, "the global stage")
  10. Media Resources for President Obama's speech to U.S. students
  11. Rachel's VoiceThread: "Getting a New Haircut"
  12. Permeable Gore-Tex Classroom Analogy
  13. Frank Smith, The Book of Learning and Forgetting
  14. Technology Adoption Lifecycle (bell curve)
  15. Dr Larry Cuban. Oversold and Underused: Computers in the Classroom. Harvard University Press. 2003. ISBN: 0674011090.
  16. Christensen, Horn & Johnson. Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns. McGraw Hill. 2008.
  17. Unmasking the Digital Truth Project


This session is scheduled as a keynote or spotlight presentation at the following fall 2009 conferences:

  1. 21CLearningHongKong in September 2009
  2. The Kansas Association of Teachers of English (KATE) 2009 Conference on 21 Oct 2009
  3. 21st Century Learning in Higher Education Conference in Hangzhou, China:  31 Oct - 2 Nov 2009
  4. The One-To-One Institute Conference  (Illinois) on 9 November 2009


Content from this session is similar to (but builds on) the following past sessions:

  1. Creating and Collaborating: The Keys to 21st Century Literacy (MASSCUE 2009 keynote - Massachusetts, USA)
  2. Landscape for 21st Century Learning: Personalised and Differentiated (Learning@School09 keynote - New Zealand)
  3. School 2.0: Reinventing Education for the 21st Century (several times including a spotlight session at NECC07 - Atlanta, USA)

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