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This is a log of the Chatzy backchannel conversation during the opening keynote at the 21st Century Learning @ Hong Kong Conference on 17 September 2009.


User from x.x.x.169 created virtual room 9 hours ago

Wesley Fryer from x.x.x.169 joined the chat 9 hours ago

Wesley Fryer: Welcome all! Resources for our opening keynote are available on http://handouts.wesfryer.com/ccc

Wesley Fryer: Please use this space as a conference backchannel all week. More info about backchannels is available in Scott Snyder's 2008 K-12 Online Conference presentation, "Back-channels in the Classroom" - http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=330

jasondenys from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

HK from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

jasondenys: Hi everyone

Barry from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Justin from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Happy from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

chillers from x.x.x.201 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Sara Patterson from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Justin: Hi everyone

smroldan from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Deank from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Justin: Hi dean

MikeDunlop from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

smroldan: I'm diggin the song!

MKells from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Klbeasley from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

Ken from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 3 hours ago

smroldan: Lyrics are very true....we're used to immediate satisfaction

Klbeasley: Like the way Was is encouraging use of backchannel and twitter

Deank: Interesting

jasondenys: I find it hard to keep up

Rowdy79 from x.x.x.201 joined the chat 2 hours ago

smroldan: Yeah, I def. am starting to feel the digital divide

Deank: just let the current carry you

ccb from x.x.x.201 joined the chat 2 hours ago

jasondenys: It is more the multitasking thing

smroldan: So much changes so quickly....I'm just happy I'm at least open minded to it

Rowdy79: hey ccb, what does your name stand for?

Rowdy79: I am glad I found the chatroom...

myronius from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

BigStew from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: Not recommending we become 'entertainers'

natyb from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

myronius: Hey all.

Deank: hey you

jasondenys: we don't have to be entertainers. but it hels

Klbeasley: Talking about live blogging the US President's speech the other day

BigStew: hi all

myronius: What about all this "I want it all, I want it now" stuff. Sounds like a bunch of spoiled kids...

Klbeasley: Video of daughter talking about watching Obama's speech

Deank: seems a little self-centered, hard to deal with

smroldan: I think we're just used to getting things instantaneously so when things take long it irks you because you know they can be done faster or more efficiently

Klbeasley: v funny - kid at sch said, 'I'm a republican, I'm not allowed to see it"

myronius: OHHHH-klahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the brain.

AllanahK from x.x.x.181 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: Daughter speaks very well - so cute, but very articulate

Klbeasley: Gets applause from audience!

Sean from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: Her video was seen 178k times

jasondenys: wow

Klbeasley: rated as a top educational video in squillions of countries

jasondenys: better than a cat playing th epiao

Klbeasley: "My friend Marco Torres" - well connected!

jasondenys: piano^

smroldan: So much exposure so quickly these days

Klbeasley: Marco Torres: "the global stage"

myronius: Yeah, but what's the quality? Being exposed is only part of it. Cats on pianos, for example....

AllanahK: Hard for non-Americans to understand the way Americans think about their politicians. So much for democracy when some schools wouldn't allow it to be aired.

AllanahK: Wes showed us Chatzsy when he was in NZ earlier this year.

Klbeasley: Be a bridge -share the knowledge

myronius: Are those books on his shelf? :-)

Klbeasley: Asking: Did you have a professor you wished you could press pause on?

Klbeasley: Engage - not just in real time, but in other places

jasondenys: I would like to pause some students

Klbeasley: Talking about the importance of relationships

Klbeasley: 'Nearly now' - discussing trip to Hawaii, uploading direct to youtube - grandparents connecting

RobinThailand from x.x.x.38 joined the chat 2 hours ago

RobinThailand from x.x.x.38 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Sean from x.x.x.130 left the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: @robinthailand - hey friend

Klbeasley: Adults think kids are too wired

Klbeasley: showing time magazine article

Klbeasley: back to the future slide

RobinThailand: What up! Sorry I'm not there for the fun. Just about to board plane.

myronius: Is all technology equal? Are cellphones = laptops = wikis = etc? Hmm

Klbeasley: Showing his wired family

Klbeasley: several screens

myronius: My wife and I email each other from across the room LOL

RobinThailand: No...not all technology is equal.

Klbeasley: daughter chooses iPhone when

Klbeasley: selecting digital media

myronius: Is banning cellphones the same as 'restricting technology'?

Klbeasley: not suggesting we create viral videos - but we need to create content

Klbeasley: digital footprint will be with us forever

myronius: How many kids in that video are 'on task'?

Klbeasley: what changes with ubiqutous access? wfryer says, a lot should change

Klbeasley: how can we transform learning

smroldan: Whoa the pic of all students in an auditorium w/a mac notebook so crazy....

BigStew: interactive whiteborads

myronius: Wikis

BigStew: ICT that works!

BigStew: things that save time

AllanahK: We have a way to go before we can say we hv ubiqutous access- still out of the reach of some and too expensive for others

HK from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

AllanahK: Apple would have loved that photo- like a Mac advert really

myronius: HA HA BigStew, You got dissed

smroldan: AllanaHK..yeah, you'd think it was sponsored by them, right?!

Barry: I just asked my son (in Korea) what classroom technology impresses him the most

Barry: microsoft touch surface, he says

Barry: 15-year old tech geek

Klbeasley: We need to transform learning - not do the same things

smroldan: Amen!

Barry: thinking outside the box...

myronius: Barry, the fact that you asked him that in Korea didn't even enter his mind/

Klbeasley: the Goretex effect - we nned to transform learning

Klbeasley: comment moderation

Klbeasley: is a good thing!

Klbeasley: 10 - 15% of comments on her video inappropriate. Moderated comments a good idea!

natyb from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: we're going to be a filter

myronius: banning cellphones - bad. Comment moderation = good. Both are types of censorship, no?

Klbeasley: the book of learning and forgetting

Barry: but the moderation is often keeping the content on topic, rather than offtopic

RobinThailand from x.x.x.31 joined the chat 2 hours ago

RobinThailand from x.x.x.31 joined the chat 2 hours ago

jasondenys: have to read that book

Klbeasley: @barry - i agree. It's focusing rather than removing

Klbeasley: Sharing video of Brian Crosby, who organised for his student who had cancer to be a part of the classroom via technology

jasondenys: educating kids to be filters too

RobinThailand: Been thinking about ubiquitous computing a lot lately. :)

smroldan: I think it's less about filtering and more about showing students how to use technology responsibly

ccb from x.x.x.201 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: Yes - we have to be real about what we do with kids. No point banning everything and expecting them to be able to navigate the digital world. They need to have experience with it

Barry: but applying communication concepts, we need to eliminate the noise in tthe communications process... the offtopic comments are noise, no?

RobinThailand: They are already there. Look at the games kids are playing.

natyb from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: We teach kids to swim, and we can't do that by forbidding them to get in the water

myronius: I agree, but doesn't it seem like the goalposts get moved rather often? IWBs were a good thing only a few years back.

Kim Cofino from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

smroldan: Really amazing how they made the classroom inclusive for a student with different needs

jasondenys: IWBs got good PR

myronius: innovaters/early adpters/early majority/late majority/laggards. Nice breakdown

RobinThailand: IWBs are great when used as teaching tools, not learning tools.

Klbeasley: teachers should be 'digital video certified'

Rowdy79 from x.x.x.201 joined the chat 2 hours ago

RobinThailand: Whoops...just got the boarding call. See you all tomorrow. :)

Klbeasley: Renee was a digital witness - a day to remember, Renee Hall - check video

Kim Cofino: Of course Wes' videos work like a charm. Ah technology....

AllanahK: Tools without PD are like unexploded mines- likely to blow up in yr face

Rowdy79 from x.x.x.201 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: @robinthailand. See ya!

rhonda from x.x.x.90 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Barry from x.x.x.130 sent out 1 invitation(s) 2 hours ago

MacUser from x.x.x.118 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Barry: empowering the people

Klbeasley: "Media literacy is critical"

myronius: Here's a strange thought. One thing I love about these tech conferences is the opportunity to listen, watch, talk on backchannels, skype people, use my cellphone, etc etc. But I'd be pretty tense if my students were doing this in my class. Anyone else feel the same?

Barry: we will not become as aware of the power of media as long as we are only consumers. We must be creators to see the power of media in our students' lives

Barry: myronius, are you in a 1:1 classroom setting?

smroldan: What is it we really fear though? Can't people multitask?

Klbeasley: Are you being 'accomodating' or 'transformative' in our classrooms

smroldan: I suppose it depnds on the subject as well

myronius: Going there. But I wonder about letting all the walls down with kids.

smroldan: I don't see this happening for science or drama when you are the middle of an activity

Barry: if they are using Facebook off-topic, why not focus their attention on OUR discussion rather than be off in social-networking land

smroldan: @Barry....agreed...again it comes down to showing them how to be responsible

Klbeasley: I think we fear people not focusing. I wonder what @wfryer thinks about presenting to us with our laptops out?

myronius: Larry Cuban

Klbeasley: technology doesn't equal transformation

Klbeasley: talking about Disrupting Class

Klbeasley: how do you measure effective technology integration?

myronius: But we agree that filtering off-topic conversation when kids post youTubes is good...why would we let them have backchannel chats in class? Can they do that responsibly?

KoreaJames from x.x.x.118 joined the chat 2 hours ago

BigStew: are we doing the back channel chat responsibly?

jasondenys: Some will struggle

Klbeasley: @myronius yes - put it up so ppl can see it!

myronius: @Klbeasley but wont they just find a different venue?

smroldan: @bigstew...i think so...most of us are responding the talk

Klbeasley: refocus! Talk to them about responsible digital behaviour

BigStew: I am looking around this room and I see lots of people (including me!) not paying attention to the speaker. I could not handle this in my own classroom!

myronius: k12onlineconference.org

Klbeasley: not paying attention? I'm paying attention!

smroldan: I'm paying attention

Klbeasley: This is helping me remember stuff. I can go back to this and remind myself

AllanahK: I'm paying attention and I'm not even there LOL

smroldan: I'm typing notes too

Klbeasley: I'm not on facebook - I'm talking about the stuff wfryer is talking abotu

Klbeasley: (though still getting used to netbook keyboards apparently!)

smroldan: one of my grad. profs used to say she took notes so she wouldn't fall asleep

myronius: My wife next to me keeps testing me: "Do you know what he just said? Do you know what he's talking about?" I can't say that I'm 100% dialed in. Certainly not as much as I demand my kids to be....

BigStew: @myronius - my point exactly. I am putting my laptop away!

Klbeasley: You can't MAKE people concentrate. You can engage them. See how wfryer keeps moving around - keeps me watching where he's going to be necxt

myronius: Funny thing: this is an object lesson in exactly what this conference is about.

Kim Cofino: @myronius you just have to learn how to manage - they don't have to have the lids open the whole time - close the lids when you want full attention

smroldan: @myronious...true, you do sacrifice something

jasondenys: I'm trying to blog at the same time

jasondenys: head hurts

myronius: @Klbeasley you're easily fascinated. :-)

Klbeasley: Perhaps we're not getting the whole keynote, but we're getting the benefit of our collective understanding

smroldan: @Kim...also true, as a lang. teacher i know that I wouldn't have them glued to the laptop the entire class

myronius: Funny thing; this is an object lesson in a major component of this conference. :-)

nate.dennison from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

Klbeasley: Talking about Creativity. How do you act creatively at home or at work?

Klbeasley: @myronuius, no, I'm just a geek!

Klbeasley: Closing with a song - he's not going to sing. I'd like to see that!

myronius: I want the beatles song.

rhonda: what is the point? why is he talking about creativity?

Klbeasley: I need my teachers to learn: www.kevinhoneycutt.org

smroldan: We need to be creative in order to not do the same thing over and over again

smroldan: students need consistency but they need some change as well

smroldan: to change things up so you address all learning styles

myronius: and they need boundaries. With certain technologies inside those boundaries.

myronius: But not everything, and not all the time.

smroldan: so you don't get bored

rhonda: thanks.

Rowdy79: Heya

smroldan: hey rowdy

myronius: LOL

Klbeasley: Do many schools block youtube in the international setting? Ours doesn't

Klbeasley: But maybe more in the states do

myronius: How do schools in CHina survive?

smroldan: I do think that we need to also think about what traditional ways still work and find a balance w/technology

Klbeasley: technology is an amplifier

Barry from x.x.x.130 joined the chat 2 hours ago

smroldan: my school is in HK and i think the students' accounts block youtube, but not teachers

Barry: %u2026prepare %u2018em for their future, not your past.%u201D

smroldan: so we can use videos if we want

myronius: Yes, its an amplifier, but thats not all. Its to deflecting the responsibility for change that technology causes if we only say its an amplifier.

Klbeasley: interesting...

KoreaJames: The windows computers in China also include a protective program called Green Dam, which will kill the process of a program (ex. Notepad) if something politically incorrect (in China's Eyes) is typed.

Klbeasley: @koreajames, good to know! Thanks

smroldan: nite y'all....see u tomorrow

myronius: See ya.

Klbeasley: night guys.

KoreaJames: The funny thing is China pays the maker of the software $15 million (USD) a year for the program to be licensed to all in China

Klbeasley: haha

KoreaJames: Even though the program was proved to have stolen much of its code from a US company.

rhonda: but it is morning here and time to walk the dog. Thanks for the back-channel. Catch you later.

AllanahK: Another reason to select an Apple maybe?

AllanahK: Thanks all- time for bed!

KoreaJames: To tell the truth Apple computers aren't ready for many Asian countries, or they aren't ready for Apple. (Many Korean and Chinese banking sites use the active-x environment for secure banking, which is only available for Internet Explorer on windows)

KoreaJames: Many other sites also use active x, which will cause websites to load incorrectly on non IE browsers.

KoreaJames: :( everyone has left me

KoreaJames from x.x.x.118 joined the chat 2 hours ago

SteveMadsen Oz from x.x.x.86 joined the chat 2 hours ago

KoreaJames: Hello

KoreaJames from x.x.x.118 joined the chat 119 minutes ago

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Mary from x.x.x.253 joined the chat 63 minutes ago

Mary: this looks like lots of fun-who was the keynote?

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